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Knowledge Is Power

Unless you’re a longtime construction or real-estate professional, the process you take toward cabin ownership is likely going your first foray into that type of experience.

You’re bound to have questions along the way and hard decisions to make. But the more information you acquire over the course of the planning process, the better off you’ll be.…


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Home for the Holidays

There’s something magical about the holiday season that seems to elevate every aspect of life. The air seems a little crisper. The food always seems better. Even people seem genuinely nicer.  

The key to that, I think, is the thoughtful and giving nature that underlies all the celebrations throughout November and December. The cheerful decor that comes with these…


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Cabin Caper

Part of the fun of cabin life is the experience. These places are meant for creating family memories. Take one of my favorite memories, for example.

When I was a young girl, I used to love visits to my grandparents' lake house in Oklahoma. My grandfather used to take us out on the boat, where my older cousins got to sun bathe on the front deck of the boat - only the big girls, of which I was never one, were allowed - while I got to help my grandfather drive. Meanwhile, my younger…


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Reality Check

If there’s anything the past few years have taught us, it’s that reality can be a tough pill to swallow sometimes. We’ve all dreamed of creating these perfectly designed cabins, but the truth is that those visions may not equate to what we can actually afford in this day and age.

Through strategic compromises, smart planning and a fair degree of flexibility,…


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Comfort Zones

There's something magical about the outdoors in the summertime. Having essentially grown up on lakes, I always seem to associate the months of July and August with boating, tubing and water skiing. I find solace relaxing on a deck, and listening to the sounds of fish jump in and out of water. And, of course, watching fireflies circulate through the…


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Building Basics

When prospective cabin and log-home owners first begin to look at all the options available to them, it can be a little daunting. To start, it’s a custom building project, which is very different from the standard home purchase to which most people are accustomed. Logs are also a different building product than most homeowners are accustomed to in terms of construction technique and design aesthetic — which, of course, is part of the draw of building with them in the first…


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What Does It Cost?

That, of course, is the million-dollar question for any prospective cabin owner. It's usually followed up with an inquiry on the cost per square foot. The problem with trying to quote flat numbers in regard to custom-home building is exactly that — it's a custom project, which means it's susceptible to any number of variables, from the design you chose to the finishing touches you select.

I had the opportunity to chat with a number of company representatives at the Log & Timber…


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Spring Cleaning

Every time I walk out of my home through my garage, I cringe at the number of bins and boxes piled high along the sides. There are storage units that look more organized. I think I would be less annoyed if I hadn't actually invested in organizational products that were supposed to prevent this exact type of thing. But life happens, and with it comes enough clutter to fill, well, a garage.


Some of the cleanup is simple - getting rid of things that are no…


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Personal Expressions

As noted on many occasions within Country's Best Cabins, cabins aren't defined by metrics but rather a feeling. Each person has a unique cabin experience, resulting in his or her unique approach to creating a dream retreat.

The variety of rustic materials on the market helps cabin owners personalize their particular structure, whether they…


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Wintry Weather

Seeing the pictures of Nemo's effects on the Northeast may be enough to make you second-guess building in an area subject to extreme weather. But ample snow can be manageable with the right design in mind.

Snowfall and its relation to the site should be a major point of consideration at the onset of the design process. Many people may try to take a plan and just put it on the site, instead of making adjustments, which can result in water issues in the home or drainage around the home.…


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Become a Club Member

There are certain marketplace products that transcend purpose and functionality, and become an embodiment of a lifestyle or mindset. Take Jeeps or Harleys. These brands are so distinct among cars and motorcycles that to own one grants you membership into a special club, as owning one implies inherent interests that are unique to these products and unite these…


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Seeing Green in 2013

Each year, Pantone Color Institute selects a color from its spectrum that reflects trends in a variety of industries, including architecture, fashion and furnishings. For 2013, Pantone has chosen emerald as its color of the year — a "lively, radiant, lush" shade of green.


"Today, it is a good thing to be green," says Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone, noting that people are adding more green foods to their diet, and companies are using green packaging to emphasize…


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Snow Patrol

Although we haven't yet seen snow around our offices, colder temperatures and chilly winds are definitely here. So it won't be before long until we're pulling out the ice scrapers and road salt to battle the onset of wintry mixes.

However, because we tend to see less of this inclement weather than other areas of the country, we're not nearly as efficient as they are…


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Getting Ready for the Holidays

Yes, I know, it's not even Halloween yet, and I'm already talking about the holidays. But, in my experience, these major gatherings tend to crop up more quickly than you know it. (Thanksgiving is only 33 days away.) To help readers prepare, we filled our December 2012 issue of Country's Best Cabins with all kinds of ideas to help them prepare for the events ahead.



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Travel Plans

For many, this may be the beginning of a relaxing three-day weekend. Oftentimes, such weekends are preceded by numerous travel deals encouraging you to make last-minute plans for a weekend getaway. If you don't already have plans in place, now may be an excellent time to try out cabin living before delving into a custom building project.

A few nights in a cabin is a great way to test out the different sizes, styles and amenities you might be considering for your dream retreat. Look…


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Ready for Fall

I’m a sweater-weather kind of gal. Once the Labor Day weekend is over, I’m itching for the temperatures to start dropping and the leaves to start changing colors. I’m ready for trips to the pumpkin patch, corn mazes, and cinnamon-spiced drinks and breads.

Fall also is a crucial time for home maintenance. From cleaning gutters to raking leaves, there are plenty of honey-do chores to take care of each weekend. Log homes and cabins have a few additional tasks associated with them –…


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Shared Enjoyment

As much as a cabin life is about "getting away from it all," there's something to be said for the company kept at such places. be it simply a significant other, a loyal pet or a small army of grandchildren, a shared cabin experience furthers the appreciation for such retreats.

The sentiment extends to Country's Best Cabins as well — namely…


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Training for the Big Show

The Olympics are always an exciting event. Watching the world's top athletes perform on various stages produces an array of celebrations, heartbreaks, character building (and, in the case of the opening ceremonies, utter confusion). These individuals trained hard -- both physically and mentally -- just to make it to London, let alone win a medal. But such preparation helps…


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On Deck

It's often easier to write about the importance of regular home maintenance than to live it. I'm as guilty as the next person for letting things slide and waiting until the last minute to clean them up. Case in point: our back deck.

Weathered wood is certainly attractive for an old-timey cabin look, but when it's not deliberate, that graying patina just looks unkempt.…


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Weigh Your Options

There’s an old exercise in time management involving a jar, a pile of rocks and a bag of sand. The process notes that, if you fill the jar up with sand first, then attempt to place the rocks, you’ll never get everything into the jar.

But if you place the rocks first, then allow the sand to filter into the cracks left in the arrangement, you can secure a snug fit for…


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