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5 Best Aromas for Amazing Autumn Atmospheres

The right atmosphere is one a person enjoys with all his or her senses. When designing a space for a client, you're likely to satisfy the visual aspect of their request easily. Through color, pattern, line, and texture, you're able to create an environment that looks aesthetically pleasing.


Scent isn't something people always think about, but it certainly is a factor when an unpleasant odor lingers around. To…


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5 Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is a place to show off your style and taste with different types of towels and dishes that are on display. As the main room of the home, you can make the space feel like your own with rustic decor that is used. Here are a few design ideas to consider when you want to transform the room.

1. Add a Barn…


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5 Most Dangerous Household Hazards

Babies start to crawl at just six to eight months old. Once that happens, their natural curiosity takes hold and they manage to find trouble in whatever form it might take. Some of the biggest dangers for babies and toddlers could be hiding right under your nose. This article will discuss five common household hazards every parent should be…


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Your Log Home Could Land You in Legal Trouble

Most owners of log homes do not seem them as being hazardous. They see a modest, comfortable home built in an area that few people visit. This misconception about rural living could land you or someone you know in legal trouble if an accident occurs. Know why it's necessary to prepare yourself for possible legal…


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The 5 Best Roofing Materials for Log Homes


There is a nice selection of roofing choices available today. Just make a selection that appeals to you in its rustic looks that blend in with the log home and, at the same time, make sure it is a roof that is durable, long lasting, and works into your budget requirements.


1. Aluminum Roofing

popular for being…


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5 Ways to Reduce Log Home Utility Bills


When you were a child, your parents whisked you away to a mountain town in another state every summer. For two weeks, your family stayed in a rented log cabin each year. During those fun trips, you made memories to last a lifetime. You vowed to purchase a log cabin when you grew up. Recently, you turned this dream into an amazing reality. Due to a mortgage, car payment, and other expenditures, you desperately…


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How to Pay Off a Mortgage on a 2nd Home

A mortgage gives your family a fast and convenient way to buy a home without having to save up your money for decades to make the purchase. You may have used that mortgage to pay for your family’s second home in the woods. Families that own a log cabin often have a desire to enjoy the simpler things in life. Your primary goal may be to…


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4 Unique Ideas for Your Next Remodel

Remodeling a log home as a DIY project requires preparation and careful planning. Following are 4 suggestions that may assist you with this project.


Expanding Space

There are a number of ways space can be expanded in a log house. The most common is moving walls. If this is not practical, it is possible to…


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5 Unique Aspects of Life in a Log Home

Whether you’ve always dreamed of living in a cozy log cabin or you are just warming up to the idea, this style of home boasts some unique attributes that you just won’t get in any other style of home. Not only are traditional log homes attractive, but they also offer inherently more positive qualities too. Consider these unique aspects about life in a log home if you are considering the possibility yourself.

1. Cost Savings…


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How to Landscape a Cabin Property

When it comes to landscaping your cabin property, simplicity is the key to adding charm and functionality, according to landscaping in Utah. The outside of your log cabin is just as important as the inside. It not only adds beauty but it adds value to the home.…


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The Future (of Log Home Design) Is Now

Today's home designs are full opportunity for futuristic and stunning style. With rapid technological advances and plenty of helpful tools, architecture enthusiasts can design technologically-advanced homes with ease. From smart offices to automated lighting, there's no end to the amount of impressive innovations designers can rely on.

Virtual Reality…


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Security Solutions for Your Home Away from Home

One of the most common concerns for homeowners is keeping their property secure while they're away. These concerns are compounded when dealing with a cabin or vacation property that remains unoccupied for weeks or months at a time. Many homes are targeted by burglars who are looking to steal valuable items that are inside of the building. To protect your property and safeguard it, there are a few security solutions to take advantage of for your home away from home.



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