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10 Tips to Prepare for Log Home Construction

Ready to build your dream log home? Here are 9 questions to ask as you prepare for log home construction.

Visiting model homes is one crucial step to prepare for log home construction.

Without question, the details of your house will fall into place in due time. You'll learn—and then have to decide upon—the intricacies of everything from your flooring to the home's many appliances. Each decision will require a little research and a whole lot of common sense.

But before you dive into the nuances of trim work or roofing material options, you need to understand how to fully prepare for log home construction.

Before making the first phone call to a log home manufacturer or architect, do your homework. Start by addressing the questions we've listed below, and you'll create a strong knowledge base for building a masterpiece.

1. How do I know what I want?

Read log home construction books and magazines. Compile a notebook of ideas, including magazine clippings, that demonstrate the layouts, exterior styles, frame styles, color combinations, furnishings, appliances and finishes that appeal to you.

Gather catalogs and plansbooks from log home producers. Surf the Internet for information about log construction techniques. Spend several weekends visiting open houses, and talk to home owners and representatives of log home companies you're considering. Take a hands-on class on log home design and construction, or attend a home show.

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