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Blog Post written by Dave Janczak (founder/owner of Wisconsin Log Homes)
Like most of us, I learned at an early age that ‘you get what you pay for.' I remember trying to save a few bucks on my first car; it sure looked good, but it spent most of its time in the mechanic shop getting repaired. After having it fixed and putting more and more money into it, I probably could have just bought a brand new car and not had all the future headaches and repair costs.
It's a given that most people will "shop" various companies with special attention to price before choosing a log or timber home company to design and build their dream home. I encourage people to do this, but it's very important to keep in mind that each company is very different in the products and services they provide. Actually, each company is very different, period.
A home is an investment. It's something that will be with you for a lifetime to come, or something you'll want to sell for profit in the future. So carefully evaluate what's included in each company's price rather than just looking at a per square foot guesstimate.
Identify what's most important to you before you start shopping. Is it price, quality, products, the type of services, reputation, workmanship, warranty, structural materials, the people, the floor plans, or a little bit of everything? Remember, the least expensive company is able to be the lowest-priced because they aren't providing the same things as a higher-priced company. If a company comes in noticeably lower than others, you should find out why... what are they, or aren't they, providing? Carefully evaluate everything the package price includes and determine if that company will be the best fit for your personal needs.
The bottom line is that you truly get what you pay for - whether it's cars or houses. As they say, "price happens one time, but cost lasts forever."
Not every company is perfect for every person, so it's your job to find a company that's the right fit for you and your dream home.

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