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That sounds like a song title from the Lovin' Spoonful (yeah, I know I'm showing my age), but IMHO no log home can be considered authentic unless there are one or more cats patrolling the property.

I was NEVER a 'cat person'. I never owned one -- never wanted one... until I moved to the country. Without a doubt, Living in 'the country' means different things to different people and we don't need to debate how rural one must be to qualify as 'living in the country'. I think that if you need transportation to reach a grocery store, you get your water from a well and you can't hit your neighbor's home with a baseball you qualify as being 'in the country'.

Here in rural Montana we have the same issues with rodents that Milwaukee or Manhattan does, but we also have prairie dogs, moles and other burrowing creatures that can make life annoying. In the city you'd call an exterminator, but when you live in the country you gotta' own a cat -- or two.

It's a whole new tale to tell you how our two outside cats came to live with us, but believe me that I have grown to love these wonderful little creatures. Minnie (the black one) and Charlie (no, I didn't name them) live in my shop. When not curled up in their heated 'cat house', they can be seen stalking anything that has fur and is smaller than they are.

I can't remember the last time I saw a mouse around here unless it was being carried to a quiet location as lunch for one of our fierce feline hunters. And prairie dogs, which were threatening to overrun my front yard a few years ago, have all but disappeared. Because of Minnie and Charlie, I wouldn't be surprised if prairie dogs were next on the endangered species list.

I guess my point is that if you live 'out' and even if you're not a cat person... get a cat. Forget mouse traps, electronic gizmos, poisons or even your shotgun, life is so much easier if you entrust your property to a cute little cat. Who knows, you might grow to like them, too!

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Comment by See Dirt Run! Inc. on June 17, 2008 at 12:11pm
We are cat lovers, and every time we visit a log home, it's a treat to get to know the four legged owners as well as the two legged ones. Who says animals don't enjoy the habitat we provide for them... ;-)

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