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Fun and Easy Home Decor Projects—Just Add Mom

It's been my burden to bear all of my life—I'm the daughter of a crafts maven, whereas I break out in hives at the thought of glitter glue and macaroni art. So you could say my mom was a bit doubtful when I told her that I wanted to create a series of do-it-yourself craft projects for the readers of Log Home Design. And her eyebrows raised a bit higher when I added that they should be fun, easy, affordable and elegant.

But, being the saint that she is, she agreed to help me with my first few forays in the crafting arena. You can check them out here: an Adirondack-inspired twig frame; a rustic pinecone wreath; and a "stained-glass" woodland candle holder. Those hands you see? They belong to the DIY-inclined, crafting goddess that is my mother. Unfortunately, since she resides in the great state of Wisconsin (Go Pack!) and I live in Northern Virginia, there had to come a time when I was on my own, crafts-wise.

And that time is now. On March 18th, you'll be able to find a new craft project on Leah's Ideas: A sleek river rock stepping stone, perfect for your log home's back yard. This marks the debut edition of the very first Leah's Ideas that was actually my own idea. And, aside from the help I got from my husband with cement stirring (that stuff is thick!), I did it all on my own. Well, all right. Maybe my dog helped a bit, too.

I'd like to dedicate this project to my mom. Even though I still hate glitter glue, she's shown me that crafts can be simple and fun—even for a craftophobe like me. And, considering all of the projects cost less than $15 to make, what are you waiting for? Check back on Tuesday for the new stepping stone project, but take a look at our woodland candle holder in the meantime: there will be some early spring bulbs popping up soon that would make great raw materials.

Happy Crafting!

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Comment by Clare Martin on March 14, 2008 at 2:19pm
And your dog seems to like it, too!

By the way, if you ever need a hand model for your column, I have a pretty impressive portfolio. (No, really. I'm just waiting for the day when Tyra Banks announces the casting call for America's Next Top Hand Model.) It looks like I'll have some pretty stiff competition from Timmy and your mom, though.

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