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Six weeks since our last update, and geez time flies. Seems like things have slowed down on our build, yet we have made some good progress since last update. So, where do we start. . . .

Well, the general contractor has moved out for the most part. They finished up the majority of the items outside and turned over the inside to us. Since that time, we've done a lot, although things inside sure do seem to be moving more slowly. We made some progress on electrical, probably 97% of the lights and outlets are roughed in and ready to go.

Since winter is on its way, we decided we better get moving on the boiler. First, we hung 3/4 inch plywood throughout the entire mechanical room so we'd have no issues hanging anything up. You'll see we posted a couple pictures, but need to get a few more of the finished project. We went with a high-efficiency wall hung boiler. We are firing with propane for now, with hopes of maybe getting natural gas someday. For those who have never seen this boiler, it is a pretty neat sight. As the name implies, it hangs on the wall and is pretty small. We have 3 zones working right now, the 2 in the basement floor and the baseboard on the second floor. It fired right up and runs really quite. It's surprising how quite it is when it runs, and how well and fast it heats the water up.

We also installed a indirect fired hot water boiler for domestic hot water, and re-plumbed in the well tank. It looks a lot better, and it should work better now too. We also got the remaining water lines pulled throughout the house and roughed in for the most part. We energized the system and now have both hot and cold water in the manifold. We're only using a hose bib for now, but it's really nice to have hot water. We also got a couple of vent lines and exhaust fans installed and are getting closer each day.

Have we mentioned we've stained some interior wood paneling? Well, we have. We recruited some family for a couple of weekends of help, and have been staining non-stop it seems. We have all the interior ceiling stained, top-coated and ready to be hung. We also did the great room high wall so we can hang it when the scaffolding is up for the ceilings. We decided it would be easier to stain the ceilings before they were hung, except that plan has not gotten us to run out of room, as we have wood piled everywhere inside and out. Every time you turn around, you are tripping over a pile of wood. Now, we can't seem to remember which pile is for where! We'll have to get a couple of pics and post them for you to all see.

To this point, things have been going pretty well, guess it was time for a little stress. And, behold our roof project. We decided on the roof we wanted pretty early on in the process. We went with a hidden fastener standing seam in charcoal. The roof has sat on site for about a month before the builder decided it was something they didn't want to tackle as they never did a metal roof. So, we started the process to try and find someone to put this roof on.

It took some time and talking with a lot of people. We had a hard time finding someone to install it. We finally found a local guy, although he never installed this system either. Well, he got started and got all the fascia hung and started on the panels. After some initial struggles, he finally got the bugs worked out of the process. Unfortunately, it seems we ended up with fascia for a 2x6, but ours should have been 2x8. While we initially thought the drip edge and other trim would cover the gap, we were left with a strip of about a half-inch sticking out. So, we ended up with coil stock and cutting it to cover the gap. It doesn't look the greatest, but will someday be covered with rain gutter.

It seems every day, the roof has been going a little smoother, but we keep uncovering issues. Somehow we got some panels that were too long, and some that were too short. We still haven't figured out what went wrong, but we are working through the process and the manufacturer has been very helpful in providing advice and support. Anyway, it's been a few weeks, but we have two roofs done almost, so check out our pics. (despite all the struggles, it's looking pretty good) Hopefully we make some more progress and get the roof done soon, so we can get the ceilings insulated and starting hanging wood!

Once the ceilings are hung, it's on to the walls and so on and so forth. So, check back soon and let us know what you think! Can't wait for you all to stop by and see how things are looking.

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Comment by The Mitchell's on November 6, 2010 at 6:33pm
Thanks Kevin, we will post some more pics as soon as we have a minute! We did put a few up on our photo page when we did our last post.
Comment by Kevin Piatz on November 2, 2010 at 12:08pm
Hi there,
Is it possible that you could post pictures of your progress? I am really enjoying your blogs. Thanks in adavance.
- Kevin, PCS Redmond

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