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3 Building Conditions that Make DIY a Risky Decision

With a wealth of online videos and products more and more geared towards the DIY’er, doing things yourself has never been easier. There are, however, a few factors that can seriously increase the risk of doing things yourself. In addition, there are some construction projects that actually require permits to perform. Without the right permits, your project could cost you far more in the long run than you save by doing it yourself. Here are 3 building conditions that make DIY a risky decision.


Shaky Foundations and Structural Supports

When the structural integrity of a building is good, it can withstand a lot of mistakes. Failing to understand the basic structural parameters of your project, however, could lead to disaster. For instance, if you want to knock out a wall but don’t take the time to check and see if it is a retaining or supporting wall could lead to a major collapse of the entire structure. Making sure your foundation is solid before doing any kind of structural work is also of critical importance.



Any time you are working with or around water, you need to take care. While structures like decks and docks are fairly simple constructions in and of themselves, if the deck extends into or over water, it becomes far more complicated to build or repair. Docks are, of course, built out into the water which significantly increases the risk and difficulty factor of building. Not only is water difficult to work around, but special care needs to be taken when building or repairing structures that regularly come into contact with water to protect the structure and make it safe for the long haul. Unless you enjoy rebuilding a dock on a consistent basis, water construction is often best left to professionals.



While newer, modern electrical systems have a number of safety features built in that make them easier for even amateurs to make simple repairs, older systems are not so forgiving. While accidents and injuries from electrical repairs are becoming more and more rare, that doesn’t mean you can’t still cause major—and expensive—damage to your entire electrical system by wiring something the wrong way or failing to ground something properly.


The more experience you have in doing your own home projects, the more capable you will become of taking on more complicated tasks. For inexperienced DIY’ers, it’s best to stick with projects like painting, tiling or wallpapering. Once you have a few cosmetic projects under your belt, you can move to more serious projects. No matter how experienced you are, however, there are always going to be a few projects you always want to leave to professionals.

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