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3 Design Ideas for an Extravagant Kitchen Transformation

When you invite guests over to your home, you want them to feel in awe at the pure opulence of your home decor. This is especially true for your kitchen. Many meals and conversations will be had in your kitchen, so it needs to impress your guests while remaining practical for repeated use.

Install Hanging Cookware Racks

Creating an extravagant kitchen can begin with something as simple as how you store your cookware. Cookware is often hidden inside of cabinets or within the broiler section of your stove. This is only wasting the beneficial aesthetic that your pots and pans can add to the decor of your kitchen. There’s a reason why professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts are very particular about the type of cookware they purchase. It’s because great cookware can be practical when in use and attractive when stored.

The best way to store your cookware is to install a hanging cookware rack. These hanging racks are installed on the ceiling in your kitchen or on an overhanging section of your kitchen. The rack is equipped with durable metal hooks that grip the handles of your cookware and allow them to hang securely. Copper cookware is particularly popular with this type of extravagant kitchen fixture. Copper cookware is polished, reflective, and compliments a variety of kitchen themes and colors. The copper color of the cookware is also very bright and rich, evoking a sense of wealth and splendor.

A Skylight

Stun your guests with the abundant amount of natural light in your kitchen. You can do this in a practical way by installing a skylight. A skylight will allow a cascade of natural light to flood into your kitchen, setting your crystal dishes and copper cookware alive with sparkles. A skylight will also provide your kitchen with an extra source of ventilation. Besides, drinking a glass of wine with only a single candle lit and the moon shining down through your skylight sounds like the pinnacle of extravagance.

Steel Appliances

There is something absolutely regal about outfitting your kitchen with steel appliances. The polished finish of steel appliances makes them a necessary kitchen addition. The metallic color combined with a complementary color scheme creates a modern and sleek kitchen of breath-taking extravagance.

Each of these kitchen additions needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain their brilliance and shine. Be sure to research each fixture for tips regarding the best cleaning methods and cleaning agents to use on each surface.

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Comment by Kathryn Willis on November 22, 2018 at 12:46am

These are amazing kitchen transformation ideas. My kitchen is the most widely used room. Me and my family members sit in the kitchen and have long conversations while I am cooking the dinner. I just loved your ideas on kitchen transformation. Recently, my friend carried out kitchen remodel San Jose CA by hiring experts from Home Quality Remodeling.
I will soon plan a kitchen update by considering your ideas.

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