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3 Signs Your Home Needs New Windows this Fall

There are many issues you can encounter if your windows need to be replaced and you fail to do so in a timely manner. Your energy bill can sky rocket, condensation from the window can cause the window frame to rot, or the exterior of your home can look dated. Knowing what signs indicate your windows are in need of replacement can help you know when it is time to take the old windows out and put new ones in.

Condensation is Building Up On the Window
Condensation build up in windows is probably one of the most frustrating things you can experience. You have windows so you can see what out of them and when condensation builds up in them, you may not be able to. However, in addition to not being able to see out the window, condensation can cause your window sill and frames to rot. Moisture build up on windows should be taken seriously by replacing your windows quickly.

The Window is Drafty
It's the winter and fall months and you are now at the point where you close your windows to keep your house warm for the season. With all of the windows closed, you feel that the house should be warmer than what it is. You check the windows and you notice some are drafty. This would mean you need to replace your windows as the sealer and caulk around them have finally stopped working the way it should.

Your Windows Won't Stay Open or Closed on Their Own
Windows that won't stay open or close can be a real issue for anyone. When it is raining outside or just cold and windy, you need your windows to work properly. Not just because of the elements of mother nature, but you could be putting yourself, family or business at risk with criminals. Making sure that your windows stay closed when you need them to be is important. When they don't work as they should, it is time for you to replace the window so you can have peace of mind and no worries about the weather or safety of your home or business. Companies like Gilkey Windows can help you replace the windows as needed.

When you notice condensation on your windows, feel a draft when by them, or when they stop working properly, it is time to replace them. A window professional can examine your windows and determine if they are at the end of their lifespan.

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