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3 Struggles Home Builders Face In Rural Areas

One of the biggest drivers of the economy is the housing market. If there’s a booming housing market, chances are the economy is doing very well. It’s also an integral part of the American dream. Most families dream of someday owning their own home. Despite all this, sometimes home builders face significant challenges. This is especially true in rural areas. Below are three such struggles builders must overcome in rural locations. 

Hidden Dangers of Undeveloped Land

When building in more urban locales, it’s pretty much guaranteed that land has been used previously for a plethora of different purposes over the city’s history. As such, many the problems that may have once existed with that plot of land are likely to have been addressed or corrected by previous builders. 

There is no such guarantee when building in more rural areas. The land in question may have never been developed for any purpose whatsoever. As such, you may discover significant issues you wouldn’t otherwise expect to encounter. One such danger is the possibility of sinkholes. A sinkhole could, in fact, swallow up an entire home. They are a real and hidden danger in many rural areas. 

Access to Utilities

Rural homes also lack certain things that come standard with big city homes. One of these is certainly access to utilities. It’s very unlikely, for example, that a rural home will have access to city water. Instead, this means you will also have to construct an underground well as part of the building process. 

Building a well in certain areas can certainly be a challenge. If the ground is too solid to dig into with normal means, you may need to make a rock boring hire. Certain locations may even lack direct access to the local electrical grid. These are all things you must keep in mind. 


If you are used to spending a decent amount of time calling others and browsing the web on your phone, you can forget about that in many rural locations. While cell phone coverage to rural areas is increasing, many areas are still complete dead zones in regards to cell phone service as well as wireless internet. 

Building in rural areas presents specific challenges that you will not encounter in more urbanized areas or even the suburbs. Keep these in mind when you are completing projects. Being cognizant of these challenges can help to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

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