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3 Unique Storage Solutions for a Big Back Yard

Buying a home on a large lot or an acreage estate may have been a dream come true several years ago. Many people will accumulate many items over the years, and you may have realized recently that you simply do not have enough space in your home anymore accommodate all of your belongings. Adding on to your home is one idea, but this may be a much more expensive prospect than necessary. These are a few thoughtful ideas for adding more storage space to your large backyard that may be more cost-effective.

A Second Garage

Depending on the types of items that you need to store on your property, constructing a second garage may be a great idea. For example, a tall garage or extra-wide garage may be constructed to store extra cars, an RV, a boat or something else. Because this garage may be used to store items that are not used regularly, it can be set farther back in your yard away from the main home.

A Workshop Shed

If you need more storage space for carpentry or other similar hobbies or side jobs, building a workshop shed is a great idea. This may be more elaborate than a simple storage shed made out of plywood. For example, you may need access to electricity, running water and other features in this shed. You may consider using more affordable building materials since this shed will not be attached to the main home. One idea is to use corrugated aluminum siding and to insulate the interior for your comfort.

A Shipping Container

Buying a shipping container is another excellent idea. These are affordable and can be delivered to your home. When they are placed in a strategic location, they may be ready to use immediately upon delivery for basic storage purposes. You may find that they are spacious and more durable than other structures that you may be considering. Some people have even retrofitted shipping containers by adding windows, electricity and more. With this in mind, they can be used for hobbies and other purposes as well.

Before you decide on the best storage option for your backyard, consider what you plan to store in the space and if you intend to use the space for any other purposes. You also need to consider weather conditions in your area, your budget and the amount of space available in your yard. By focusing your attention on these points, you can make a smart decision about how to add storage space to your large backyard.

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