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3 Ways to Build a Granny Flat Addition to Your Home

Home renovations and upgrades are a great way to increase the market value of the property while also creating a more comfortable household. While new additions and interior expansions are among the more ambitious home-improvement options, the addition of a granny flat can make adding a new room to your home far easier than you might expect. From portable buildings that were constructed off-site to renovating an existing garage, there is more than one way to add a new guest room or granny flat to an existing property.

Tiny Homes and Portable Structures

A granny flat is designed to be a freestanding structure, independent of the main home. While having to invest in new plumbing, electrical wiring and HVAC equipment rather than utilizing the resources of the main home can be an expensive proposition, scaling back the floor plan of the new flat or taking advantage of manufactured buildings that have been constructed or assembled off-site can help to keep the project from exceeding your budget. The recent trend of building smaller structures and tiny homes that manage to squeeze all of the amenities of a tradition home into a structure that is smaller than most rooms could provide you with the perfect way to build a granny flat without breaking the bank.

Renovating the Garage

While converting an existing garage into a bedroom with an attached bath or kitchen may not be a traditional granny flat, it may prove to be the most budget-friendly option. While the addition of a new room or enlarging an existing area can be an expensive proposition, garage renovations can be accomplished for a fraction of the cost. Minor upgrades and  home extensions can also be utilized in order to add a new floor or convert a former garage into a more comfortable space.

Constructing a New Flat

For property owners who can afford it, building a granny flat from the bottom up is often the most popular option. Being able to customize the size and dimensions of the flat makes it much easier to fully utilize the available space. If construction costs won’t place too much strain on your bottom line, designing and building a custom granny flat may prove to be an option that you would do well to consider.

From boosting the value of a property in order to protect your investment to meeting the needs of a growing family, the addition of a granny flat could make quite a difference. Finding the right construction option is never a concern that should be rushed. Taking your time and considering all of your options helps to ensure that you are able to find the one best suited to your means, needs and budget.

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