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4 Benefits of Adding a Fireplace to Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should serve as a cozy retreat where you can shut out the cares of the rest of the world. Whether it’s through darkened windows, designer sheets, or a high-quality mattress, there are plenty of elements you can add to your bedroom to make it more comfortable. An element you may have overlooked, however, is a fireplace. If you’re looking to take your bedroom to the next level of comfort, here are four benefits of adding a fireplace to this space.

Extra Warmth

On those cold winter nights, it seems as though your sheets can’t get warm soon enough. If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, though, your sheets will have a direct source of heat that will ensure they’re warm when you climb into bed. Plus, with a fireplace right in the room, you won’t have to worry about a chill in the air that can make it difficult to fall asleep.

Natural Light

Bright lights of any kind and specifically blue light from electronics can make it more difficult to fall asleep. Since light is made to mimic the sun, if your body is tricked into thinking that the sun is up, it will be more inclined to try and stay awake. With a fireplace, though, this isn’t a problem. The dim light of a fireplace can be allowed to grow even dimmer as the fire fades away. If that’s not enough control, you can shut out some of the light of the fire using a fireplace screen cover. Combined, you’ll be able to have the perfect amount of light in your room that will allow your body to relax before sleep.

Something Special

Another benefit of a fireplace is the “something “extra that it adds to your bedroom. After all, there’s nothing like being able to relax at the end of the day with your favorite drink in front of a crackling fire. The mere idea of a fireplace in a bedroom is often revered among homeowners as a status symbol and a special treat. Whether it’s relaxation, romantic, or some other motivation, then, adding a fireplace to your bedroom can add that missing element that you’ve been needing.

Light and Heat for Emergencies

When the weather outside becomes frightful, one risk you face as a homeowner is that of a power outage. With no electricity, you suddenly lack light to find your way around and heat to keep yourself comfortable. With a fireplace in your bedroom, though, you suddenly have access to both these things whenever you need it, for as long as you need it, to ensure you come through your power outage unscathed. With the beauty of a fire lighting and heating your home, you may start to wish for power outages just to be able to enjoy this special experience.

The best part about adding a fireplace to your bedroom is that there are countless styles to choose from. Whether you choose single- or double-sided, gas- or wood-burning, plus any number of countless other options, you’ll be able to perfectly customize your fireplace to your room and your personality so that you’ll be sure to enjoy it for years to come.

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