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4 Child Safety Measures To Take During Bathroom Renovations

Successful bathroom renovations can be overwhelming. Make sure your renovated bathroom gives you more storage, lighting, and better drainage facilities and withstands the test of time. A luxurious bathroom reflecting our personal taste and preference and delivering comfort is what we desire. It should have the right fixtures and amenities to provide function and value. So, careful planning must be done and the right design must be chosen before starting the work of bathroom renovation. Consult with various people and have a discussion about the fixtures and market price of items that need to be bought before calling a bathroom remodeling company for bathroom renovations.

Choose a bathroom layout of your choice. Wet rooms are a special type of bathroom that has a shower excluding the closure and the water runs through the drain installed on the floor. In this case, the entire room should be made waterproof. An exhaust fan should be installed to remove moisture. A modern inlet valve can be installed to reduce the noise made by the toilet tank when being refilled. It is advisable to keep the renovated bathroom plumbing fixtures close to the old plumbing fixtures to save a good amount of money. You can use pedestal sinks or clear glass shower doors or big mirrors to make the room look more spacious in a limited budget.

Consider using sunken track lighting or frosted glass fixtures or rice paper for overhead lighting. You can use perimeter lighting to create a soft ambient atmosphere in the room. Proper ventilation is an aspect that most people tend to ignore when it comes to bathroom renovations. The proper ventilation system is important to make the remodeling last longer. Also, poor ventilation gives rise to a number of problems like buildup of mold and mildew. Get yourself a heating system that can be laid under the tiles.

1. Know Potential Air Pollutant

To keep children safe, it is important to know the pollutants, you will have to deal with during bathroom renovations and find solutions to purify your house for you and your child's safety. During bathroom renovations, some form of demolishing intends to take place ultimately sending dust, debris, asbestos, lead, and others as pollutants to the air. If there are serious pollutants, children should not be allowed to enter the house until the work of renovation is complete. The proper ventilation system can be installed to get rid of pollutants.

2. Block Off Prohibited Areas

Children might feel curious to know what is going on and how things are being done and can wander off into areas that might harm them. To prevent the occurrence of any accident block of the construction area. Place a plastic tarp or install child safety gates at the door to prevent kids from going there.

3. Tame Tools

Make sure the tools that are not in use are not lying all over the house they should be secured, locked up, and out of children's reach.

4. Clean The Area Properly

Never leave your house without cleaning it properly. There can be a lot of things left behind which might have your child. Not only remove the tools and supplies but also sweep the room and make it clean to ensure nothing hazardous is left behind.

You can also consider a few things before beginning your work for bathroom renovations.

Plumbing-General residential plumbers use 1.5-inch pipes for drainage. Consider using a 2-inch pipe for drainage.

Lighting- In order to make the bathroom look brighter use recessed light fixtures all through the ceiling. You can get either an aesthetic look or functional look accordingly.

Drawers storage - Install a vanity with drawers since they are easier to organize and access. They can be made extra-large depending upon the need of the customer.


The bathroom renovations need specific consideration for the safety of children during the process. See to it that you follow these tips while bathroom renovations.

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