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4 Deck Designs to Consider Adding Onto Your Cabin

If you want to enhance your cabin’s outdoor space, one of the best ways to do it is to add a deck. A deck provides an open-air area where you can entertain, relax, or whip-up some delicious grilled food. The great thing about decks is that they can be as varied as the cabin owners who build them. With some of these great designs in-hand, your cabin will cement itself as the entertainment hotspot.


A deck doesn't have to be a simple rectangle that's attached to your cabin. Instead, you can take some extra time and form your deck into just about any shape under the sun. An octagonal deck is especially nice because it provides multiple corners that create natural areas for groups of two or three to enjoy private conversations. Plus, with an octagonal deck, you can build further out into your yard while still sparing some yard space due to the multiple angles of the deck.


If you really want to take your entertaining game to the next level, then a multi-story deck is exactly what you need. Providing multiple unique areas for people to congregate, a multi-story deck can, in some cases, essentially double the size of your cabin. Since the upper deck can steal some natural light from the lower deck, it makes sense to install multiple lighting fixtures. You can also open up the lower deck using a selection of glass baluster deck railings online.

Pool Surround

There are few things that you can add to a pool to make it more enjoyable. However, a deck is one of those things. Putting a deck around your pool will provide plenty of space for tanning, playing, and drying off after a fun day in the pool. Plus, having a deck around your pool allows you to use the space year-round instead of only being able to use it during the summer.

Covered Deck

If you want to enjoy the outdoors without all the inconveniences of bugs, rain, and other annoyances, then a covered deck makes perfect sense. When designing your deck, you can opt to cover only a portion of your deck or to completely surround it on all sides. A covered deck has another benefit in that it helps to prevent sunlight from striking the back of your cabin, which can help to lower your cooling costs in the summer.

In some cases, decks can be a lot of hassle to maintain. However, what some people don't realize is that if you start with a good foundation, your deck's maintenance needs will likely be much lower from year to year. Therefore, take your time when starting your deck so that you can enjoy your deck without having to invest a lot of time and energy into it after it's built.

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