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4 Essential Home Chores If You Won’t Be Using Your Cabin During the Winter

If you are like many cabin owners, you probably keep your cabin locked up during the winter. If you want it to be in good shape when the spring gets here, though, you’ll want to do a little bit of prep work beforehand. Below are four essential home chores you need to do if you won’t be using your cabin this winter.

Take Care of the Trash

The most important thing to do before you close up your cabin is to get rid of all the trash. Ensure that all the trash bags are out of your house and that all of your dishes are clean before you leave. Any food or rubbish that you leave in the cabin has a very good chance to going bad or attracting pests, both of which can cause problems for you when you open the cabin back up.

Get the HVAC Serviced

You always want to call out HVAC services before you leave your cabin for the winter. While you might not be using the heat while you’re gone, it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s still running at a minimal level while the cabin is out of use. This will not only help to prevent other maintenance issues, like frozen pipes, but a quick spot check will also ensure that the unit is running when you need to turn it back on in the spring.

Clean the Carpets

It’s also a good idea to clean out any rugs or carpets before you leave the cabin. This ensures that any mold that might have taken root in the carpets won’t get a chance to grow unchecked and that any stains or food particles left in the rugs won’t be there to attract insects. Giving your carpets a quick vacuum and even a deep clean before you leave for the winter can be a great way to keep it safe for the spring.

Seal It Up

Finally, make sure that you’re able to seal up the property as best you can. This means ensuring that the windows are in good shape, that the doors close properly, and that your insulation is adequate for the property. Not only will this help to keep your utility bills down while you have a minimal level of heat on, but it gives you a much better chance to avoid any kind of animal infestation while the property is not in use.

It’s always a good idea to ensure that your cabin is in good shape before you leave it for the winter. Make sure that it is clean, that the mechanical systems are in good shape, and that you’re not leaving it in a state that will invite in unwanted visitors. With a little preparation, you can leave it ready to be used again in the spring.

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