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4 Essentials Every Cabin Dweller Needs for Comfort and Safety

You probably picked a cabin for your own fortress of solitude because it gets you away from the rat race that everyone else seems to be running. However, living like the old hermits in caves is not quite your cup of tea. You do take your safety and comfort into consideration living at the edge of the grid, and here are four things you need as a cabin dweller for the ultimate in comfort and safety.

Satellite Comms

Cabin dwelling is often right at the edge of where the public utility grid ends and wilderness living begins. Cell phone signal is often spotty at best. In a real emergency a satellite communication device such as a satellite phone or SPOT Satellite Messenger device can be a lifesaver. If you want to talk or text, get a sat phone. If you want more one-way comms out to the world in case of an emergency, get a SPOT. Both services are now very affordable.

Backup Power

Electrical service reaches into the most out-of-the-way places. Rural areas that have no cable television, public water or sewer service still have electricity. If weather knocks out your electricity, you may also need to shelter in place until the weather event resolves. Have a backup power system using a fuel source, such as propane, that can be stored indefinitely. You can opt for solar for things such as powering a well pump, keeping your food refrigerated and to power LED lights. The more you want to power by solar, the more panels and batteries you need that require regular maintenance.

Water Softeners

Choosing to install a water softener greatly helps with comfort when showering or bathing. If you live in a cabin, you probably rely on a well, spring, or cistern system for fresh water. In many areas this type of water source is packed with minerals, making the water very hard. Some companies, like Anderson Water Systems, know that you cannot get a decent lather from soaps or shampoos, and this makes a shower or bath almost unpleasant. Plus, hard water stains toilets and sinks, and it leaves a powdery residue on your laundry.

Internet Access

This may seem counterintuitive for a cabin dweller, but it is not. You may want to live away from the hustle and bustle of urban or even suburban life, but most cabin dwellers are not looking to be cut off from society altogether. You like being able to take refuge on your own land without having neighbors on each side and across the street, but that does not mean you will not enjoy keeping up with the news or even participating in a bit of social media. Satellite internet can pick up a signal anywhere you have a clear shot to the open sky. This way, you can keep in touch at your leisure.

Just because you have a cabin does not mean you have to live like Jeremiah Johnson. You can enjoy plenty of creature comforts and still enjoy the peace of your hideaway that is just off the beaten path.

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