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4 Issues That Could Cause a Basement Sewer Backup in Your Cabin

A sewer backup is not something that any of us wants to deal with. This holds especially true when the backup happens in your cabin basement. Here are four main causes of sewer backups in the basement that you should be aware of so you can take steps to prevent them from ever happening at your log home.

Clog in the Main Sewer Trap

Just as all the drains throughout your home have a sewer trap, so does the main sewer line running from your home to the street. Sometimes this mainline can get clogged and result in a sewer backup of your home. It’s best to call in a professional to help with this sort of issue as any manipulation in the sewer lines to your home can result in a serious backup of sewer water from the street system.

Floor Drain Trap Water Evaporates

If you notice a sewer smell coming from your basement but there’s no sign of water, it’s likely that your problem is in the drain trap. Each drain trap in your home is made up of a curve that contains water all year round. This helps the system to properly keep sewer gases from coming back up your pipes. Floor drains see very little use, which can result in the trap water being evaporated. Instead of calling residential plumbing services for this issue, start with pouring water down the floor drain. If this does not help, however, you will need to call for help with the issue.

Washing Machine Backup

Most homeowners keep their washing machine in their basement. If you end up having trouble with your washing machine backing up, it’s likely due to a block in the drainage system. Your washing machine should have a strainer with it that will allow you to easily remove the debris from your drain.

Wash Tub Basin Clog

If you have a wash tub basin or sink in your basement, it’s susceptible to being backed up due to a clog. If your basin has a pre-existing strainer in it, simply remove the debris from the strainer. If you don’t have one installed, then you’ll need to utilize either an electric snake to remove the clog or completely remove the trap from your sink to get access to the clog.

Dealing with a sewer backup in your basement is not very pleasant, to say the least. By understanding what may be causing your issue, you can better react to solve the problem. Realize that while some of these backup issues can be easily solved, others may require the assistance of a licensed plumber.

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