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Your cabin is your private retreat throughout the warmer months of the year. However, there comes a time when you have to close it up before winter hits. As the cooler winds of winter come floating in, it’s time to take care of some off-season cabin maintenance.

Clear out the water pipes

When you close up your cabin for the winter, you should drain all the water and sewer pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting. Pull the plug on the water pump and the water will come flowing out. Remember to flush the toilet tank, drain the water heater, and empty the pressure tanks. Add some RV plumbing anti-freeze to the sinks and toilets to prevent them from bursting.

Keep the critters out

Animals go searching for warm, dry places to live over the winter. An unoccupied cabin is an ideal setting for them, and they will try almost anything to get inside. Before you leave the cabin for the winter, inspect the outside for any places a squirrel or raccoon could enter. When you find a gap, fill it with steel wool and then fill the entire space with expandable spray foam.

Get the septic tank pumped

It’s a good idea to have your septic tank sewage system pumped out at least every two years. If you have a lot of people using the cabin, you might need to have it done more often. Talk with your sewage system septic tank professionals about the best time to have it done. They may recommend a spring pumping instead of an early winter one.

Get the dock up and out of the water

If your cabin is on a lake, you likely have a dock that allows access to the water. Unless your dock is built for wintering in the water, you need to get it up and out before you leave for the water. You may need an extra pair of hands to remove a floating dock. For a heavier one, you might need to bring in a few helpers to get it out of the water. While it’s out, make repairs and do maintenance to keep it in good condition.

These off-season cabin maintenance tips will help keep your cabin in good condition over the colder, winter months. Then, when spring comes around, you can open up the cabin and enjoy the solitude once again. Which task will you start with?

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