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4 Showstopping Features To Update Your Cabin

Not only is your home your sanctuary, it's your biggest investment. Go as far as you can to make yours something to be proud of (and dramatically crease it's value) with one or more of these showstopping features to update your home. 

Add a Pergola 

Create a shaded sitting area or passageway with crossbeams and open lattice by adding a pergola. Attach it to the deck, entryway, or as a free-standing structure near the house. Vines can be trained to climb the beams for a charming effect. Adding a pergola is an easy way to add to the area of your house since one side of it creates a base. Build your pergola near shading trees or add a cover from awning fabric that can be removed in the colder months. Colorful outdoor furniture and large plants will help create the perfect outdoor entertaining area. 

Add a Fireplace 

There's nothing quite like a fireplace to add cozy warmth to your home on a cold night. 
While it's not the most efficient heat source, a fireplace can be used for backup when the power goes out during a winter storm. Unfortunately, many newer homes are built without fireplaces since heating with wood is no longer in fashion. If you found a home you love despite not having a fireplace, there's good news: one can be built into an existing home. Hartman Heating, Air and Fireplaces can figure out the best location for a fireplace and install it quickly and efficiently. 

Attic Bedroom Conversion 

Convert an attic into one or two extra bedrooms. The lines and angles of the ceiling can create a unique small bedroom. For a real plus, add a bathroom if possible. Kids will probably fight to be the one to get the cozy attic bedroom, or the extra sleeping space is always there for guests. Your return on investment (ROI) will be a huge percent of the cost since homes are listed by real estate agents by the number of above-grade bedrooms. In other words, your three-bedroom home becomes a five-bedroom home. 

Deck Addition 

If you've been living without the luxury of a deck for outdoor living and entertaining, make this upgrade your top priority. A spacious, attractive deck is one of a home's top selling points. Make sure yours is well-designed with quality wood such as cedar or redwood. It's easy to extend small decks, so build yours as spacious as possible. The sky's the limit on decorating with outdoor furniture, plants, and accessories.

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