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Even though modern roofs are designed to withstand heavy rains and high winds, damage can still happen at any time. That is why all homeowners should keep an eye out for any signs that their roofs might be damaged and in need of repairs.

Sudden Leap in Your Energy Bills

Your energy bills are naturally going to rise and fall throughout the year, but you might want to take a look at your roof if there is a sudden leap in your bills. When a roof becomes damaged, it will be very difficult for the HVAC system to keep the home at a consistent temperature, and that can lead to excessive energy use. At the very least, you should head into your attic to see if there is any damage to the roof or your insulation.

Stained Interior Walls or Ceiling

A storm can easily damage your shingles or rip them off entirely, and that might allow moisture to seep into your home. Over time, that could lead to serious water damage that will take quite a bit of money to repair. If you have recently noticed any stains on your walls or ceiling, then you must carefully inspect your home for any openings that might be letting water in.

Piles of Shingle Granules

Finding a few shingle granules usually isn’t a sign of major damage, but you shouldn’t see huge piles in your rain gutters or near the foundation of your home. The granules could be piling up because the shingles are severely damaged and need to be replaced. If the damage has spread to the trusses and rafters, then you will need to contact a company like Prefab Technology Pty Ltd to discuss your options. When that type of damage occurs, some of the key components of the roof often have to be replaced.

Musty Smell in Your Cabin

A musty smell in your home is another issue that you must never ignore. Those odors are often caused by moisture that is trapped in your attic or walls, and that water could eventually result in mold outbreaks and other costly problems. Finding the source of the musty smell could be a time-consuming process, but dealing with that damage early on will help you avoid serious issues down the road.

If you have found extensive damage and your roof is more than 15 or 20 years old, then you might want to consider replacing it entirely. Upgrading your roof could lower your energy bills, increase the value of your home, and give you peace of mind during the next major storm.

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