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4 Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Old AC Unit

Has your AC unit become problematic? Are you afraid that it may not make it through another year of scorching temperatures? Many people try to avoid replacing their HVAC unit for as long as possible. While it’s a significant expense, an energy-efficient unit will more than pay for itself in no time. Plus, there are tax benefits to consider. Since it is such a significant investment, you want to make a wise decision. If you’re in limbo about using ac installation services repairing or replacing your unit, then here are some things to remember.

Age Means Everything

The average HVAC unit is meant to last around 15 years. If your unit is ten years old and you are having problems, then it may be time to replace it. In the past decade, efficiency has improved. Expensive repairs on a unit of advanced age doesn’t make good sense. Don’t keep pouring money into something that won’t last. Bandaging the problem will only buy you some time, you will need to replace it anyway.

Does the AC System Use Freon?

The older units use Freon, and this refrigerant is being phased out to conserve energy. Should your unit need to be recharged, then the cost could be more than you should put into an older unit. You will need to replace your unit to have it compliant with the R410A refrigerant changeover. If you’re already having problems with your AC unit, then you may want to make the switch.

The Unit Isn’t Keeping Your Home Comfortable

As a unit ages, it becomes less efficient. If you’re noticing that your unit is not able to keep up with the demands of your home, it could be because it needs to be replaced. While a technician can do many things, like change the filter, top off the refrigerant, and repair electrical components, they cannot make a unit more efficient. The units from a decade ago cannot compare to the efficient systems system of today.

If you have frequent breakdowns and your HVAC unit is becoming a money pit, then you should ask a technician to conduct a repair versus replacement analysis. They can show you the cost of fixing the old unit and how much it would cost to replace it with a more efficient version. You may be surprised to find how affordable a new system can be, and you must remember to factor in the utility savings it will provide.

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