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4 Signs Your Roof Is Deteriorating From Age

Age can wreak havoc on a roof’s condition, and you’ll want to be aware of the signs of aging so that appropriate maintenance or repair work can be done to preserve your structure. Not all signs are so obvious, and it’s important to check your roof periodically and have it inspected from time to time to look for these potential problems. Here are four signs that your roof is deteriorating from age.


If your roof looks to be forming peaks and valleys, your roof may be past its prime. Roofs should be even across, and any sagging could mean that time has taken a toll on your roof. The sagging that results from old age often means that the roof is no longer able to bear its weight in certain areas, and this can make your roof susceptible to more serious problems in the future if you wait too long to address the issues.


Holes, missing shingles and other gaps are likelier to occur on old roofs, and this can create openings for water to leak through into your cabin. If you notice stains or drip marks on your walls and ceilings, a failing roof may be to blame. Your cabin may smell like mold or mildew, which can also occur when old roofs leak. Professional roofing contractors can inspect your roof to determine if it’s causing leaks inside your cabin.

Granules in the Gutter

Granules that you notice in your gutters could be roof shingle materials that are deteriorating. When the shingles start cracking, they often shed granules that look like sand or small pebbles inside a gutter. In addition to your roof deteriorating, the granules can clog your gutters and make water drainage more difficult. If the water isn’t able to drain from your gutters properly, it could overflow and run onto the side and foundation of your cabin and cause further damage.

Flashing Problems

Flashing that’s rusted or missing is an obvious sign that an old roof is no longer up to standard. However, there are other flashing problems that aren’t always so noticeable. Your flashing may start to separate or lift as your roof ages, and this can cause moisture to get inside your cabin. Sometimes, however, the problem isn’t related to the age of the roof and can be resolved by replacing cement or tar flashing material with metal fittings.

An old roof can cause many problems for your cabin. By hiring expert contractors to do all the necessary work to solve the problems, your roof and the rest of your cabin can last longer.

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