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4 Tips for Helping your Home Make the Transition From Summer to Fall

The annual cycle of seasons usually gets us thinking about what’s next for the kids in school or which holidays are approaching. In addition to those calendar items, we also need to be alert to what’s going on with our house as the months roll by. The end of summer brings back to school and early plans for trick or treat, but it also brings the need to perform household tasks like these.

Close Off the Crawlspace

Summertime ventilation of the space under your house is important. It helps reduce the moisture that can contribute to squeaky floors and mildew. As winter approaches, you’ll want to close those vents. If not, your crawlspace will allow harsh winds under your house, leading to cold floors, higher utility bills, and the potential for frozen pipes. You might want to place a piece of insulation on each vent and between the joists on top of the sill plate.

Get an HVAC Checkup

Changing seasons mean changing demands on your climate control. Switching your system from air conditioning to heat means you’re activating components that have been on summer vacation since the last cold snap. Have a contractor inspect your system and make sure that it is ready to start churning out warm air instead of cool. This will save energy and could prevent a costly breakdown some snowy night.

Seal the Driveway

Sealing asphalt driveways is debated in some areas. You’ll find people who say it extends the life of the surface and people who say it doesn’t help. What you won’t find is debate about whether it makes the driveway look better, and late summer is an ideal time to do it. Temps are cool enough to make the job bearable but not so cool that it won’t dry. Knock out this chore around Labor Day.

Inspect the Roof

A good roof is important year-round, but you don’t want to go up there (or send a contractor up there) when there’s snow and ice on. That’s why it’s a good idea to give your roof a thorough inspection in the late summer. It gives you the entire fall to make or schedule repairs, leaving you nice and dry during the harsh conditions of the upcoming winter.

Preparing for unexpected change is tough, but summer always leads to fall. With some simple steps to prepare, your home and your checkbook will be better positioned for the changing weather conditions as summer winds down.

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