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4 Tips To Protect Your Cabin Interior From Sun Damage

While you know the UV rays from sunlight can cause severe damage to your skin, you may be unaware of just how much damage those same rays can do to the interior of your cabin. From your furniture and flooring to artwork and more, constant exposure to UV rays can lead to fading, cracking, and other issues that may be hard if not impossible to fix. If you want to keep your cabin interior free of sun damage, here are four tips you can use to increase the odds you'll be successful.

Move Your Furniture

If you leave a piece of furniture in one spot for too long, chances are it will suffer some degree of sun damage. However, if you move various pieces around now and then that spend most of their time in direct sunlight, you can eliminate or minimize the amount of sun damage that takes place, since no one piece will be subjected to long-term sun exposure.

Tint Your Windows

While you may be familiar with people getting vehicle windows tinted, the fact is you can do the same to your cabin and add an excellent layer of protection against sun damage. Relatively inexpensive, window tinting will not detract at all from the looks of your cabin. In addition, it will limit the amount of UV rays that can enter your cabin, while at the same time still allowing enough natural sunlight in to brighten up your cabin’s interior.

Blankets and Sealants

Along with moving various pieces of furniture around in your cabin, you can also consider using blankets and sealants as a protection against sun damage. For example, you can use colorful blankets to cover sofas and chairs during the day to limit sun damage. Also, you can consider coating some pieces of furniture with sealants that are specifically made to limit UV ray damage.

Close Shades and Blinds

If you don't mind having the inside of your cabin a bit darker during the day, you can close blinds and shades in various rooms where sunlight has a direct path onto your furniture or other items. While this will take care of the UV issue, it will also keep you from being able to look out your windows, so keep this in mind as well.

By putting any or all of these four tips into practice, you can ensure the sun's damaging UV rays will have little if any impact on your cabin’s interior.

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