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4 Ways You Need to Prepare Your Home for Winter

With the days growing shorter and the temperatures getting cooler, it’s time to get your home ready for the winter season. While there are plenty of things you can check out and have done, these four should be attended to promptly so you don’t get caught by an unexpected problem or midwinter emergency.

Inspect Your Roof

Have an expert roofer check out your home’s roof to ensure there are no signs of damage that could lead to winter leaks and repairs. See if there are broken or missing shingles as well as damaged gutters and downspouts. If you discover that there is substantial damage, don’t wait for things to get worse in a few months. This is a great time of year for a new roof installation. Contractors may be more widely available, and supplies could run a little cheaper in the off season.

Get Your HVAC Checked

Schedule annual maintenance on your heating system and air conditioner. You don’t want to take a chance on the furnace breaking down on the coldest night of the year. Many companies offer a discount inspection, especially when you have two or more systems checked at the same time. Fixing a small problem now will be cheaper and more convenient than being hit by an unexpected problem later. This is also a good time to have the chimney checked if you plan to use it this winter. Clean out the grate from past use and open the flue to see if there is a significant buildup of soot or creosote. You may want to schedule a cleaning before using your fireplace this year.

Look for Water Leaks

Examine your home’s plumbing fixtures, including the sinks, toilets, dishwasher, and icemaker, for signs of leaks. Check the attic and basement for moist patches or signs of mold. See if the water pipes are dripping anywhere, especially around the joints. Make sure the drains are not backed up and ready to overflow sometime soon. A plumber can help to ensure your home’s water system is working effectively.

Take a Walk Around the Foundation

Before the snow starts piling up outside, take a walk around your home to see how the foundation is holding up. Signs of wear could include chipping, crumbling, or masonry breakage. Do the same inspection in the basement to look for deterioration. Have the foundation issues fixed pronto to avoid seasonal moisture seeping in through the tiny crevices.

Taking care of your home may mean less stress later. Have the professionals take a look and repair any issues that may be noted so you’ll be ready when the cold weather hits.

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