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When a building or any project is under repair or construction, workers are often required to work at a great height. Scaffolding is used in such situations with the help of which people and material are lifted to the specific height. Scaffold hire services, offered by several companies, are quite in demand in South Africa, especially in construction projects. Steel scaffolding is quite popular due to the many advantages of steel as a material for scaffolding. One of the main reasons for using steel scaffolding is its reliability and availability.

Benefits of Using Steel Scaffold:

1. It is Weatherproof:  Scaffolding structures are generally used for prolonged periods. Especially in case of construction of a building, which continues for months, it is vital that the scaffolding used is strong and sturdy. For instance, a project has started in the summer. Now, construction on this project will ideally continue for months. This means that the scaffolding structure will have to go through heat, rain and cold respectively. Steel in drastic and extreme situations like these, keeps the structure in great condition, without any corrosion or damage. No matter how the weather is, steel scaffolding stands strong.

2. It Can Be Extensively Modified: This is undoubtedly one of the most significant benefits of steel scaffolding. Steel is a material which can very easily be modified into various shapes and designs. This very feature differentiates it from any other material. This flexibility also allows steel scaffolding structures to be set up on extreme heights. Different kinds of events have different scaffolding demands. Steel because of its malleability is ideal for any situation, whether it is being used in an ordinary event, in a stadium or in a high-rise construction project.

3. It Does Not Harm the Environment: This is ethically the most important benefit of using steel for scaffolding purposes. For instance, timber which is another very commonly used material in scaffolding is extracted through deforestation. Trees need to be cut down to fulfil such scaffolding needs. This, in turn, affects the environment to a large extent. Steel, on the other hand, does not only save the environment but benefits it too. Steel as a material can be recycled which, prevents them from causing any kind of pollution.

4. It Creates an Increase in Efficiency: Steel scaffolding is extremely easy to set up and dismantle. This feature allows the workers to reduce time spent setting up the scaffolding. No time is wasted in having the scaffolding set-up or having it dismantled.

5. It stands strong for a long time: Steel as a material is very strong when compared to other materials. This keeps scaffolding structures sturdy and rigid for an elongated period. This means that once set up they do not require any kind of adjustment or tightening even after months from its initial instalment.

It is extremely important to have a strong and reliable foundation. Thus, for increased operational effectiveness and to ensure the safety of workers, steel scaffolding is the right choice.

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