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5 Designs to Make your Backyard Stand Out

Spring is here, and with the warmer weather comes the opportunity to spend more time outside. However, your yard is probably a mess from the cold, harsh winter that it just went through. It may take some work to get your yard back in order, but this is also as good of time as any to make it stand out like it never has before. Your own backyard can be a fantastic place to enjoy, retreat, or entertain. In fact, with the right tools and design your backyard can be transformed into an exceptional outdoor space.

1) Create a Sweet Sitting Area

When rehabbing your outdoor area, it is important to first decide what you want to get out of the space. For those who want to enjoy their backyard as either a quiet retreat or an entertaining space, it can be helpful to incorporate cozy seating options. The seating you require will be dependent upon your intentions for the space. For a larger entertaining area, consider incorporating an outdoor sectional. If it is relaxation you seek, consider adding something like these durable wicker chaise lounge chairs. Fantastic outdoor seating and living sets can create an impressive and versatile outdoor living space.

2) Make a Zen Garden

The concept of a Zen garden originated in Japan with Buddhist monks. However, throughout the centuries the idea has evolved. Today, these quiet spaces designed for quiet meditation can be enjoyed by anyone who desires peace of mind. Traditionally, Zen gardens require the use of several symbolic items. Water, rocks, sand, and greenery are popular items to incorporate into a backyard Zen garden space. A Zen garden will help bring a sense of peace to your backyard.

3) Create a Cottage Path

For those with a green thumb, a scenic cottage path can be a great addition to a backyard space. A sunny garden can be enjoyed from the steps of a meandering garden path. These decorative and often narrow paths can be paved in gravel, stone, brick, or a variety of other materials. This will help your yard keep a cleaner look than it would if you continually walk out in the grass all the time.

4) Add a Water Feature

Adding a backyard water feature will increase the natural beauty and interest of your home's backyard design. The soothing sounds and sights of water in your backyard will create a relaxing environment for you and your guests to enjoy. Fountains, ponds, and streams are popular backyard water features.

5) Implement a Garden Wall

A beautiful garden wall feature can be a great opportunity to grow plants and flowers in a limited outdoor space. In a small backyard, a wall can add vertical garden space and can become a show stopping outdoor feature.

Make the most of your Outdoor Space

There are many ways that you can maximize the potential of your outdoor space. Any backyard that is given the time and attention it deserves can become an exceptional space. Thoughtful design, planning, and implementation of great backyard ideas will allow your outdoor area to achieve its full potential.

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