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Babies start to crawl at just six to eight months old. Once that happens, their natural curiosity takes hold and they manage to find trouble in whatever form it might take. Some of the biggest dangers for babies and toddlers could be hiding right under your nose. This article will discuss five common household hazards every parent should be aware of.

The Bathtub

Even before they start to crawl, bathtubs can be dangerous places for babies. Babies and toddlers should never be left unattended while bathing since a child can drown in a bowl full of water. It is also very easy for babies to burn themselves in water that an adult might not consider too hot. Be sure to cover your faucet knobs so the baby can't turn the faucet on or off themselves. Lastly, you will want to put non-slip silicone mats on bottom of the tub to make it less slippery and to cushion the baby in case it slips and falls.

The Gun Cabinet

Even though most gun owners are careful and responsible, people are still human and make mistakes. For parents who are gun owners, those mistakes can prove fatal. Every other day a child is fatally wounded because they gained access to a gun in their own household. If you have a toddler and a gun, always ALWAYS keep the gun in a locked gun safe. I use the Minivault Deluxe to ensure safety in my home. It only takes a second for a mistake to become a tragedy.

The Knife Drawer

The same principle applies with your knife drawer. Make sure your toddler doesn't gain access to your knives by storing them in an upper cabinet instead of an easily accessible drawer.

The Liquor Cabinet

Another hidden danger is the liquor cabinet. Most liquor comes in glass bottles that are designed to be appealing to the eye. When you combine those factors with a toddler's natural curiosity, there's an accident waiting to happen. Not only could your toddler cut themselves on broken glass if a bottle gets shattered, liquor can make tile or laminate floors slick, increasing the chance that your baby slips and falls, causing further injury.


The same principle applies to dishes, whether clean or dirty. Plates, saucers, and coffee cups are often ceramic and have sharp edges when broken. Be sure to keep clean and dirty dishes out of your toddler's reach to avoid painful cuts or even a trip to the emergency room!

You can't protect your infant or toddler from everything, no matter how much you want to. But by taking a few common-sense precautions, you can protect them from common hazards that are hiding in your own house. 


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