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5 Post-Winter Repairs for Your Home This Spring

Winter is hard on houses. Snow and ice pile up on their roofs, water freezes in the gutters, their foundations may heave, their pipes freeze and sometimes burst, the timbers creak and shrink. The least a homeowner can do after their house has protected them throughout these hard months, is to do a bit of repair work to keep the house in shape. Here are five post-winter repairs to attend to in spring.


Clean out the Gutters

When the warm weather arrives, clean large pieces of such as leaves, twigs and old bird’s nests from the gutters by hand. Then, use a garden hose to flush them. If gutters have come loose during the winter secure them with spikes, brackets or straps. If a homeowner is nervous of fixing their gutters, they should call a professional such as those at Gutter-Resto VIC.


Repair Siding

If siding is made of wood, it’s possible that the winter has caused nails to pop out, joints to open up and the siding itself to crack or bow. This can lead to leaks behind the siding, which is even more of a problem. The good news is that wooden shingles and shakes are easy to take out and replace. Bowed pieces of siding can be reattached by screwing them back into the studs.


Protect an Outside Faucet

The homeowner has probably seen to pipes that froze and/or burst during the winter. One idea for an outside faucet is to install an antifreeze valve to protect it in time for next winter. This type of faucet has a long pipe that goes through the wall to a valve inside the house. This way, water doesn’t have chance to freeze in the pipe or the faucet that projects into the cold air.


Temporarily Fix Leaks in the Roof

If the homeowner doesn’t have the money to replace their entire roof, they can find leaking areas, and cover them with roof cement. Roof cement is thick and won’t run off even a sloped roof. Make sure to work on the roof during a dry, cool day.


Add New Flashing and Sills to Leaking Windows

Windows that leak need new flashing, which is a material that sheds water down the siding. Exposure to weather causes flashing to deteriorate, but it’s easy to replace. Weather also causes outside windowsills to rot over time. New windowsills can be bought and are easily installed without having to take out the whole window.


A good, strong house is good to the people who live in it in all kinds of weather. It is incumbent upon the homeowner to be good to it in turn.

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