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The kitchen is a place to show off your style and taste with different types of towels and dishes that are on display. As the main room of the home, you can make the space feel like your own with rustic decor that is used. Here are a few design ideas to consider when you want to transform the room.

1. Add a Barn Door

A barn door will look beautiful in the kitchen and can separate the space from the rest of the home. Barn doors can easily slide back and forth when you want to block out noises from other areas of the home with a product that contributes to the style of the setting.

2. Dark Wood with Pops of Red

Using plenty of wood pieces with pops of red color shades will create a rustic environment that feels cozy and warm. Consider installing wide wooden planks on the floors or adding wooden beams overhead when executing the design idea.

3. Add a Fireplace

According to St Louis Interior Design, many people don't think of adding a fireplace to the kitchen, but the feature will create a vintage country touch that will make you want to spend more time baking. Use a floor-to-ceiling stove that features plenty of stones and is the centerpiece of the space when working on your interior design..

4. Use a Hanging Pot Rack

Hanging pot racks not only make it easy to access different types of items that you need but will allow you to put beautiful copper pots on display. Install a wrought-iron pot rack or a large piece of driftwood above the kitchen island to display the products and make the kitchen appear rustic. Using different types of pots on the rack will also create a more eclectic look that is less uniform.

5. Use Chipped Paint

Chipped paint is a must-have when you want to execute your rustic design and will make the kitchen look relaxed. It'll be easier for your guests to unwind in the kitchen when they spend time in a setting that has primitive paint pieces, which are easy to find at local antique stores or flea markets.

Your kitchen can become a more aesthetically-pleasing space to cook, clean, and dine in when you make it look rustic with the right materials and products that are used. By making the space appear rustic, your family members will feel more at home in a cozy environment.

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