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5 Tips to Taking Care of Your Log Cabin in All 4 Seasons

Whether you live in a log cabin year-round or you use your cabin as a vacation home, you may have plans to enjoy many years in the home. You also may be concerned about maintaining and improving the cabin’s value over the years. Maintaining your cabin properly is a year-round job, and it is essential if you want your cabin to meet your long-term goals and expectations. Through these maintenance tips, you can take great care of your cabin year-round.

Clean the Gutters Regularly

As your gutters channel water off of your roof and away from the home’s foundation, they can get clogged with debris. This debris is most commonly leaves or pine needles, but it may also be other matter. In the dead of winter, cleaning the gutters may not be necessary or possible. However, as soon as water begins flowing through the gutters again when the temperature warms up, regular cleaning is required.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Many log cabins have a built-in HVAC system and schedule heating repair services so that you can maintain a comfortable indoor climate year-round. This system requires periodic maintenance service in order to operate properly. For example, before the cool weather sets in during the fall months, a regular furnace maintenance service should be completed. Any repair work needed on the HVAC system should be addressed as soon as possible.

Seal the Wood Regularly

Exposure to the elements can be damaging to the exterior wood in your home. Moisture and UV rays are particularly damaging. While pre-treated wood may have been used in the construction of your home, it may still need to be sealed or stained regularly. This can be a time-consuming chore, but it is essential for log cabin maintenance.

Look for Signs of Mold

Mold may commonly begin growing on wet wood surfaces. It can easily be wiped away with a bleach solution when you notice it. However, if you allow it to continue to grow, it can cause significant deterioration. Related repair costs can be substantial.

Trim Back the Vegetation

Vegetation around the perimeter of your log cabin may add to curb appeal, but it also can be damaging. Consider that vegetation against wood is a conducive condition for termite infestation. Other types of pest problems, mold growth and general damage from limbs blowing against the home can occur. Trimming back the vegetation at the beginning of the spring season and again late in the summer season can be helpful.

Log cabin maintenance is a year-round task. It is essential for the upkeep of your property, but it can be time-consuming. If you lack the time and energy to address these chores on your own, consider hiring a few professionals to help out.

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