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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Home is a Natural Pest Deterrant this Winter

Cold winter temperatures often cause pests to look for a warmer, more hospitable environment, making deterrents essential to avoid a winter infestation. A variety of deterrents are available to help prevent insects and rodents in your home. Instead of pesticides, try these natural pest deterrents to keep your home pest free in even the coldest winters.


Seal Gaps Properly

Insects often enter the home through nearly invisible gaps found in out-of-the-way places like attics and basements. Check your home for gaps thoroughly in autumn, and seal visible holes and cracks with caulking, stainless steel, or another suitable material. You also need to seal the area around your plumbing pipes to keep insects and other pests out. Use caulking to seal these areas, and allow the sealant to cure before checking it a second time to ensure the gaps are properly closed.


Plants that Prevent Pests

Some plants act as a natural pest deterrent. For instance, peppermint helps keep spiders, mice and ants out of the home. Plant peppermint around the perimeter of the home, and cut the plants back in late autumn to release the naturally minty scent around the foundation of your home. Other plants that deter pests include chrysanthemums, marigolds and pine.


You can dry your plant cuttings in the oven for a short time, then scatter the dried herbs or flowers in problematic areas to help prevent pest infestations. If pests are already present, consider contacting a professional pest control company like A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc. is essential for a pest-free winter using only natural deterrents.


Change Your Cleaning Routine

Essential oils are an effective way to clean your home while preventing pests. Opt for peppermint, lavender, basil and bergamot essential oils diluted with water or white vinegar to fight household germs and prevent pests. Although essential oils are natural, you should store the oils away from kids, and use the oils only after diluting them with water or vinegar. You can also spray the solution along windowsills, baseboards and doorways to help keep pests out.


Switching to green pest deterrents is a healthy way to protect your home and family from pests without relying on chemical pesticides. From essential oils and herbs to sealing your home properly, there are a variety of methods to use for natural pest prevention during winter. The key to effective pest prevention is taking action early if you have an infestation, while using deterrents consistently eliminates the risk of repeat infestations.

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Comment by Gary P Neihoff on November 29, 2018 at 3:05am

Yes, I agree that as winters start pest look for warmer places to hide. It is always not necessary that if you can't see pests, there are no pests. Pests hide even in small places. I also agree with the points been mentioned here. One should seal all the openings from where pests can enter, even the smallest openings should be closed. One should plan to grow some plants that can help to keep pests away. Essential oils also play an important role to keep your home free from pests. If the things been mentioned above do not help to keep pests out so one can also take help of some professionals like Pest Control Fairfield CT, Danbury CT, Milford CT, Ridgefield CT, etc that make use of Integrated Pest Management techniques that can help to keep the home free from pests without making use of any harmful chemicals.

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