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During the wintertime, you can continue to improve your home so that it is more comfortable to live in and so that it will have an increase in value. As a homeowner, it is essential to maintain and improve your home. Here are some of the ways to improve your home this winter.

Get Rid of the Clutter in Closets

When it is winter, you have extra time for sorting through your possessions to get rid of the clutter that is inside your home. If you have a bedroom closet that is completely disorganized, then you can spend an entire day removing everything to try on clothing to determine what you want to keep. You can rearrange your bedroom closet so that it is easier to find the garments that you wear throughout the winter. To create more space, you can fold summertime clothing carefully for storage in plastic totes. This process can be extremely enlightening and help you feel comfortable and joyful whatever you wear. When you like everything you own, it is easier to make to your home into a place you enjoy being.

Wash Draperies During the Winter

In the summer, you may not have time for extra chores, such as washing the draperies in your home. It can take a lot of time to move furniture before climbing on a ladder to remove the draperies from the curtain rods. You can wash, dry and hang these items in only one day. While the draperies are in a washing machine, you can clean the windowpanes so that you have a cleaner home.

Maintain Your Home’s Thermostat

Don’t neglect your home’s furnace during the winter because it could lead to a malfunction of your climate-control device. You should turn off the furnace to remove dust from the item along with changing its filter at least once a month. In addition, walk through your home to check the vents to make sure that the warm air is flowing freely through the openings. If you are having any problems with the HVAC equipment in your home, then you must contact a knowledgeable technician for assistance. When your home’s air conditioner isn’t working optimally throughout the summer, you can save money by upgrading the cooling equipment during the winter.

Update Your Home’s Decor

After the holiday season ends, you can store your Christmas decorations before updating your home’s decor. You can move furniture to the center of a room so that you can cover the items with a plastic sheet. Next, you can wash the walls to prepare the surfaces for a fresh coat of paint. This is a great time to choose a trending color for a living room, dining area or bedroom. Alternatively, you can use wallpaper on one or more walls in each room to update a home’s appearance.

Renovate Your Home’s Bathroom

During the winter, you can renovate your home’s bathrooms by changing the flooring, replacing the plumbing fixtures, and installing new cabinets. Plan to renovate one bathroom at a time so that you can continue to use the other one. If you have only one bathroom, you can stay with a friend, rent an RV, or even take a vacation while your bathroom is getting remodeled. Make sure to buy a new shower curtain, rugs, and linens for the bathroom.

Lastly, winter is the perfect time for shampooing your home’s carpets. You can buy or rent a carpet shampooer so that you can sanitize all of the carpeting in your home to remove stains and odors.

In the wintertime, you will have more time inside and thus more time to think about your home. Take the previous suggestions as ways you can make your home an even more pleasant place to live.

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