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6 Reasons to Use Aluminium Composite Panels in Your Building!

Be it a home or a commercial centre, the first thing anyone notices is its exteriors! What we commonly say, the book cover! The exterior of your building not only needs to be presentable, but also tough and long lasting and easy to install and manage! But the options which tick all the requirements are very less. Either you have to go with the boring brown wood, or it is the typical steel with no charm! This makes most of the buildings look one and the same, and thus the exterior decoration has been a point of huge question mark for most of the designers worldwide!

Today, we should be thankful to the modern technology and creativity that even this problem has been solved easily for us! There’s one material that makes exterior decorating a fun and creative task with lots of twists and turns, it is aluminium. Aluminium composite panel in Brisbane from Dunmoe Cladding Service, which offers some extraordinary selection for you in best quality and reasonable rates, is the best way to add a touch of elegance and character to any building.

Why aluminium composite panels should be installed in your building?

have open horizons for the designers to create a number of unique and impressive exterior looks for buildings, which was unthinkable some fifty years back! Apart from being modern, classy and super convenient to work with, they have various other benefits which can become the prominent reasons as to why you should be using them on your building. Read for the reasons below:

Aluminium panels will open books of creativity for you — Aluminium panels are super easy to shape, and can be twisted and turned in any which way to create the best designs possible. This would help you get a very aesthetically pleasant looking exterior of your choice. What’s more, if you use your creativity better, and combine the same with zinc, copper and steel and create a good exterior design, it would last long too. These panels can be cut, folded, drilled and bent without losing its structural integrity. It’s because of this flexibility, that aluminium panels are used even in extreme corners and fine designs where other materials can’t be used!

Aluminium panels are lighter than other substances — The lighter the substances used in designing any part of the building, the more creatively it can be folded for beautifying the place. Aluminium is lighter than steel by more than fifty percent, and that is why it is the most preferred one for building exteriors.

Aluminium cladding doesn’t demand much maintenance— Aluminium is the easiest to clean. Not only it is easy to wash, but being of smoother nature, dust doesn’t stick on it easily. If your building lies in a rural area, the panel can be cleaned just once a year thoroughly. If it’s in urban vicinity, twice a year would be ok! Just a pressure washing session is enough to make it glow like new again!

Super cost-effective solution — As these aluminium panels are very light to use and pretty convenient to work on, it automatically reduces the labour charges that go in installing it. Since, even its cleaning does not need much effort or time, maintaining the same becomes easier. All these factors make it a very cost effective solution for your building facade.

Aluminium panels are available in a variety of forms — These panels come in numerous shapes and sizes. Also they are suitable for cutting, bending, shearing, punching, drilling and profiling.  They also come in different colours – so you can take your pick. A colour that matches with the colour of your project or your building’s decor theme would make your project look more impressive. All these options wouldn’t be available in wood or steel. Even, stone exterior doesn’t give many options in shapes and colours.

Aluminium panels are very functional in nature —Aluminium panels are best for the exterior decoration of the building, as it is highly resistant to earthquakes, wind insulation, fire resistance, etc. This makes it a safer choice for your building. Also, aluminium is anti corrosion, anti graffiti and recyclable.

With the above reasons well versed, we are sure your next is going to see a cool aluminium composite panel design on its exterior decor! After all, it’s the most attractive and safe solution for your building facade!

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