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Hi Everyone!


It's been about six weeks since our last update and we are starting to put on the finishing touches.  Check out our new pictures.  (we misplaced the camera for a few weeks, so we are missing a few!)


So, since last update, we've gotten all our fixtures hung and the lone missing one finally made it's way from China.  It was only ordered in November!  Guess better late than never since it matched all our other lights. 


First, we got the rest of the radiant heat hooked up in the entire house and got all the flooring down.  We went with a water based poly for the finish.  Based on the manufacturer, we should have needed 3 gallons of sealer and 6 gallons of poly.  We'll, it seems that reclaimed snow fence flooring was extremely dry and had to make an emergency trip to Pittsburgh for another 11 gallons for a total of 20 gallons of finish on the floor!  But, it looks great and we should be set for the dog hopefully.


We've also got a kitchen finally!  And, it is pretty nice.  We hired a local guy and his son who built everything from scratch.  They've done a really great job and we are more than happy with the results.  We finally added a little color to the house with the kitchen, as we had enough wood and went for something painted in the cabinets.  We did two colors, one for the cabinets and a different color for the island.  The only thing left in the kitchen is the counters, which just got formed out this past weekend.  We are doing cast in place concrete and its scheduled for next weekend.  We'll see how it goes!


We also installed the two bathroom vanities and all the toilets.  We had our final septic inspections once the power was finally out to the pump and we've tried one out!


We also got our fireplace installed finally in the great room.  We decided to place it in the corner and build a false wall behind it to vent it out the side of the house.  It was kind of difficult cutting a 10 inch square hole through the side of your house, but I did.  Lots of double checking though, this was something we didn't was screwed up.  We then had a few pieces of our old red pine we have planed down to use on the front of the false wall.  We then took a piece of red oak timber we had and cut it so make a mantel.  In the end, it works and looks pretty good.


Finally, the last biggie we've done is kept staining!  Trim and doors! We have all the doors stained and ready to hang this week except two missing ones and one we are having cut in half to make a dutch door for the laundry room.  Hopefully we can get them hung this week in the evenings after work, but it's supposed to be HOT!


Not too sure when we will be totally done, but we believe we should have the majority of things done on the first floor and hope to move late June/ 4th of July time period.  Guess we'll see if we stay motivated!

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