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A Variety of Finishes for the Granite

Granite tops in the list of the most durable kitchen and bathroom countertops. Most of the homeowners all over the world prefer this kind of finish due to the beauty and the durability that comes with it.  Over the years, it has become more affordable and this has also led to the growing attraction with this type of finish. With the many color options and patterns, that come with it, your countertop will look unique as it perfectly matches your room colors.

If you want to change the appearance of your granite, you need to get an unusual finish and following are some of the granite countertops finish you can choose

The polished type

Polished granite is the most common. With this, the surface of your countertop becomes mirror-like and glossy. With this kind of polish, the characteristics of the stone are more pronounced and the texture and colors vibrant. This is the easiest surface to clean, and therefore easy to keep looking brand-new. Again, because of the polish, any pores are sealed and therefore moisture, water or any other liquid cannot penetrate to the stone. To ensure that the granite countertop is kept clean, you need to regularly clean and polish it.

The honed type

This is also called the buffed or matte type of finish. It makes the countertop surface smooth without gloss. Creating this kind of finish entails a regular polish process that ends with a flat, sometimes known as a satin finish. This kind of finish is mostly done on popular floors to prevent people from slipping. You could also use this kind of finish on countertops but it is quite susceptible to staining.

Unlike the polished granite, the honed type is slightly porous and therefore would need resealing on a regular basis by an experienced granite kitchen countertop Utah professional.

Leathered granite

This is also called the brushed finish. It is quite a new in the market and is created by running diamond-tipped brushes over the honed surface and this adds texture and some subtle dimples. These kinds of finishes tend to look more sophisticated and they keep the color of the natural stone, unlike other finishes. Leathered finish type is preferred due to its stain-resistant value. It also hides smudges, fingerprints and water spots making it a better option for the countertops.

The flamed finish

Due to the high heat applied on the stone when doing the flamed finish, granite is the only natural stone that can withstand. Thus, this kind of finish is quite rare. In fact, it is not very popular with indoor countertops; it’s preferred for outdoor kitchens. The flamed finish is created through heating granite under high temperatures so that it changes color and the stone grains burst. From this process, a more rough, faded and natural appearance is achieved. When it is used to do countertop finishes, they’ll appear muted in color.

The caressed finish

To achieve this kind of finish, some shine is added to the leathered finish. Then, the raised areas of the stone are carefully polished and sheen is created on the surface. This process seals the pores and therefore moisture can’t penetrate. With this, your countertop will look rugged and elegant.

The type of granite finish you choose will depend on your colors, cost of maintenance and the much you’ve budgeted for acquisition. Most importantly, you must look for a reliable and experienced professional to help you choose; do the installation and regular maintenance.

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