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Air condition maintenance tips – Things you need to know

Regular maintenance helps you in two ways – It helps the AC to run smoothly and keeps you cool during the hot summers. It also saves money on the energy bills, as the efficiency is kept high and in turn uses lesser energy. Keep reading to find some regular air conditioner maintenance tips to help it perform at its best. Some of the maintenance checks can be performed by the owners on themselves. And if it is uncomfortable at any point, seeking the help of professional air conditioner maintenance service is best advised. But before you start your work, follow the precautionary steps like wearing the safety equipment and shut down the power supply to the AC unit.

Air filter cleaning

The air filters get clogged with dirt, dust and allergens. It makes the airflow to reduce, and AC works harder than required. The dirt and dust clogged filters pass it to the air inside the house, which could result in risks such as asthma and allergies.

Hence, one of the essential steps in the maintenance of the air conditioner is to keep the air filter clean if it is the reusable kind of unit. If it is not, get the replacement of the air filter done regularly. The frequency of the cleaning or replacement depends on your living condition. For instance, AC in urban areas would need more cleaning or replacement than rural or semi-urban places.

Clean the air filters once a month during the summers and winters.  And once in every two months in the fall and springs could be the right thing to do.


Checking the wiring of the air conditioner is also another indispensable step. Ensure to shut down the power supply to the air conditioner before performing the maintenance of the wiring. Remove the condensing unit access panel. Check for any melted insulations or burned/broken wires. Check the contactor switch for too much of pitting for replacement. Also, check for the loose electrical connections thoroughly. It is best to check the wiring status through the professional to be on the safer side.


Another critical air conditioner maintenance tip is to check the thermostat. It is used to maintain the ideal temperature inside the room. Investing in a programmable thermostat is worth so that the temperature can be adjusted to the desired level as per the need. It helps in saving energy.

Condenser fan

Ensure to have the condenser fan to function properly. To check the condition of the condenser fan turn the power off and examine the fan blades for the signs of chips or cracks and get it replaced. Oiling the condenser fan units for smoother operation is also vital.

Outer cleaning

The exposed parts of the AC units would tend to accumulate the dirt and debris. It needs more attention. Else, the build-ups will reduce the AC capacity, decrease the airflow and increase the energy consumption. Clean the AC after the power supply is shut down using the garden hose to remove the build-up.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioner help in reducing the bigger repairs needed. At AMC Air Conditioning, we provide the best maintenance service to ensure the AC is in its best working condition all year long. Get in touch with us for the maintenance service at your comfortable time.

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