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Are Your Home’s Wires at the End of Their Rope? 5 Signs it’s Time to Rewire

If you’ve moved into an existing home, you know that there are some maintenance tasks that you’re going to be responsible for in the future. Rewiring may not be one that you want to think about, but it’s one that will need to be done at some point. If you’re experiencing any of the following five conditions, it’s time to get your home rewired.

You See the Metal in Your Wiring

If you head down to your basement and see the actual metal wiring, it’s time to get your house rewired immediately. You should never be able to see the metal inside of the wiring. It should be insulated with rubber, plastic, or something similar. This is to protect you from electrical fires and shocks.

You Smell Electrical Burning

If you notice that when you turn on the power to a specific room or item and there is an electrical or burning smell, it’s time to look closer. Assess what’s plugged into the outlet for damage. If the appliance isn’t the source, then it’s likely faulty wiring inside of the wall. You need to get this problem taken care of directly to avoid an electrical home fire.

Flickering Lights

People used a lot less energy back in the day. They didn’t have such a demand for power like we do these days for all of our devices, appliances, and so forth. That means that old wiring systems aren’t set up to handle the power we use today. Flickering lights are a sign that the power draw from all the things you have on the circuit is too much.

If you notice that your lights tend to flicker, house rewiring services may be necessary to fix the problem. You’ll need to update your electrical wiring so it can better handle the demand.

Circuit Breaker Trips

Circuit breakers will trip when there is too much of a load put on the system. This is back to the same concept as your flickering lights, expect your breaker has hit the point where it can’t handle the power load. Updating your wiring to handle a higher load is a necessity.

Discolored Receptacles and Switches

If you’ve noticed that your home’s receptacles or switches are becoming discolored, you may just consider having them replaced. The truth is that the discoloration isn’t usually due to the natural process of aging. Rather, there are likely loose wires that are emitting sparks behind your cover plate. These sparks are burning the receptacles and switches, resulting in discoloration.

It’s important to realize that when you have an older home, it was built for the people living back then. We have a big difference in the amount of power demand today than people did just 20 or 30 years ago. If you’re experiencing any of the five problems above, it’s an indication that your old home needs some necessary electrical upgrading to meet the demands of today.

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