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How to Make Some Last Minute Repairs to Your Cabin

Whether your cabin is your full-time residence or a weekend retreat, you’ll want it ready to meet the demands of your busy life. This often means making last-minute repairs that make your living space more comfortable or that prevent bigger, more expensive issues from cropping up later. When you have limited time for home improvement projects, consider prioritizing these critical cabin elements.

Exterior Siding

Your cabin’s distinctive wood siding and trim give it its character and curb appeal. They also offer an important barrier between you and the natural elements. When your cabin’s wood siding and trim are in poor repair, your home is subject to decay and rodent infiltration. Take time to inspect your siding and do small repairs before you inherit more serious structural damage. Caulking, sealing, and replacing wood siding and trim are some do-it-yourself repairs to consider.


You place high value on your family’s comfort, but you hate the sky-high utility bills that are associated with heating and cooling your cabin. Why not give your HVAC system some help by adding insulation to your cabin? If you have old fiberglass insulation in your cabin, it can start falling apart after 15 years. Replacing the old fiberglass with new, more efficient insulation materials can make your home more comfortable and extend the life of your HVAC system.

Residential Roofing

Besides your cabin’s siding, the roof is its first line of defense against bad weather. A leaky cabin roof can cause wood rot to framing and make your cabin unsafe to inhabit. While most roofs last decades, a cabin’s roof that’s overshadowed by trees for most of the year can succumb to moisture issues when not properly maintained. To make sure that your cabin remains a safe sanctuary, inspect your walls and attic for signs of leaks. If you find leaks, call a licensed roofing contractor that does residential roofing to do quality roof repairs.


Nothing’s worse than visiting your cabin retreat in the mountains for a weekend of fun in the snow only to find that your cabin’s heating system isn’t working properly. Before hauling your family and friends to an ice house this winter, inspect your HVAC system and do some minor service repairs to keep your unit humming when it counts. Changing your furnace filters, cleaning your ducts, tightening screws, and securing loose wiring in your thermostat are some things to add to your HVAC repair checklist.

Besides being surrounded by beautiful views, cabins are known for their coziness. Doing these last-minute repairs ensures that your cabin doesn’t disappoint.

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