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Benefits of Using Steel Structure in Construction

Steel and pipes are an integral part of any construction site. High-quality steel is one of the most used metals in construction of large structures which include residential buildings, industrial buildings and bridges. Steel suppliers in Cape Town supply a variety of steel and associated steel products for various purposes. Steel finds immense use in construction projects due to its many benefits in the form of its easy availability and cost-efficiency factors.

In any construction project, three types of steel are used. This includes light gauge steel, bolted steel structures and conventional steel fabrication. There are many advantages of steel structure construction which has made it a popular choice in South Africa. In fact, it is now more popular than concrete construction in many areas.

Great Durability – Undoubtedly, steel is highly durable. It can withstand huge external pressure which makes it sturdy. Steel structures are especially helpful in areas which are prone to earthquakes. Concrete is not as strong as steel and as a result concrete structures are more prone to damage.

Load Carrying Capacity – Steel structures have an extraordinary load carrying capacity. This means they can be used for purposes where there is a need to bear a lot of weight. Concrete structures are not preferred in such a situation because of the low load carrying ability of concrete.

Lightweight – When compared to concrete, steel is lightweight in nature. This is a tensile metal. In fact, the weight of steel is at least 60% less than concrete. Thus, if steel pipes, rods or other products need to be shipped from one place to another, the shipping charges are comparatively less. The lightweight nature also helps in adding to the convenience of handling.

Quick Construction Process – Whenever steel structures are used the process of construction is faster. The process is fast because the steel structures are easy and convenient to erect. Thus, if any project needs to be completed on time and within a budget steel is usually used. If any other construction material is used besides steel, which includes concrete, the entire process takes a lot of time.

Easily Fabricated – Steel structures are easily fabricated. It can be produced on a mass-scale as well. These structures are very versatile. They are quick and easy to assemble, disassemble and replace. If any last-minute changes are needed, the steel structures can be quickly modified as well. In fact, the steel structures can also be constructed off-site with the help of professional steel fabricators. Once ready, these can be assembled on site.

Affordability – One of the main benefits of using structural steel which explains its immense use is the affordability. Steel is a cost-effective option, which is cheaper than any other construction material. Though, it is available cheap, there is no compromise on its cost-effectiveness. It is quite affordable.

Though there are many steel suppliers in Cape Town, it’s important to get in touch with the most reliable company.

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