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When you cut down the trees present in your home or garden for different reasons then you also need tree stump removal service. The workers you hire for cutting your tree don’t remove the tree stump. It remains there and bothered you. Also decrease the beauty of your garden. Here are few reasons for why we should remove an old tree stump?

Tree stump attracts insects

Tree stump is a constant source of attraction for insects and vermin. In addition to this tree stumps also contains a lot of termites. As you know these termites don’t remain confined to the tree stump but can also move to your home as well as hazardous for other living plants and trees which are present in your garden. These termites are of destroying nature as they can be dangerous for your home furniture and other things which are made up of wood. The reason is these insects’ increases in their number so rapidly and if proper preventive measures are not employed then they can destroy the expensive things. These termites are also harmful for other living trees present there and can also cause different sort of infection, infestations and disease. Harbors disease is an example of it.

Liability issues

When a thing is present in your home then it’s your responsibility and you are answerable for it. When a tree is cut down and the tree stump is still there with all of its disadvantages then liability issues occur. For example children are playing cricket or some other game in your garden and during playing they are running fast then carelessly their foot can slip from tree stump during running and a serious injury can happen. Similarly when you arrange a gathering, a night party at your garden and in the dark nobody can notice a tree stump in their way during walking and can fall out and create a mess in your party. So keeping in view all these factors you should always remove tree stump after cutting the tree.

Regeneration of roots

When you cut down a tree but tree stump remains there also present with all of its roots. Then tree removal will not stop the tree stump to regrow again. Regrowth is a big issue. It can create a mess in your yard and garden. Because the roots are still there and regenerating again then the roots will sap all the nutrients from the soil and other surrounding plant life and grass suffer due to lack of water and essential nutrients. Then for this reason you should surely remove the tree stump after cutting down your tree.

How to remove tree stump

There are several methods for removing tree stumps. It depends on the age and size of that stump. You can use different methods for getting rid of the useless tree stumps. Few methods are described here.

Chemical Stump Remover

In this method tree stump is removed by the use of chemical. For this purpose potassium nitrate in powdered form is used. This process is quite lengthy. For this reason you will have to wait for several weeks. Potassium nitrate will make the tree stump spongy, soft and can easily remove. This method is described in a few points.

  1. First of all you will have to make holes in the tree stump by using drill. Make sure the distance between every hole is equal.
  2. Then after making holes just pour the chemical remover which is potassium nitrate into these holes to remove tree stump easily.
  3. Then it’s a phase of care and wait. This process can take several weeks so you will have to wait and keep monitoring the stump. Keep your children and pets away from the tree stump as it is dangerous for them.
  4. After waiting for 4 to 6 weeks the tree stump will become soft enough that you can cut it down with the help of axe.
  5. After cutting remove the remaining tree stump by burning it and destroy the ash. Fill the hole with loam and sawdust and make a levelled space.

Destroy Tree Stump By Burning Process

In this method you will have to place few pieces of wood on the tree stump and make a fire on it to burn the tree stump. Keep adding more wood for increasing intensity of fire if required. If fire making process is allowed in your area if this is illegal then don’t use this method as this can create difficulties for you. After burning the stump completely discard the remaining ash and fill the hole with loam, sawdust etc.

Remove Tree Stump By Digging It Out

In this process you can remove the tree stump either by digging around the roots by pulling the roots. You can also cut up the roots. Dig it out by your hand with the help of shovel around the tree stump and dig out the roots. Then cut down all the root system present there. After removing all the roots also remove the whole tree stump. Then fill up the hole with loam and sawdust.


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