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I'd like to have the members help me finish my design inside & out, we have a basic plan started, 1200 s.q. on main floor, 400 s.q. loft covering half of main floor, and a 1200 s.q. walkout basement. 9' walls main floor & basement. I started a wrap around porch with a screened in porch off the presumed kitchen this summer, only got the main decking finished, money is tight, weekend project out of pocket, The wiff wants two bedrooms on the main floor and a laundry room ,that makes things tight, looks like its going to have one big communal bathroom, I'd like to expand the loft with a lambeam to the gable end so I can have a cieling in the kitchen, theres only so much a person can do with 1200 s.q. but I would love some input, I have no experience, just trying to wing it all, do have a great carpenter though !
If you look at my profile the house is wraped up for the winter, some of the openings if not all are going to get closed and re-arranged, floor plan is continually evolving, Origonally the front door was going on the front of the house , now that is going to get packed with bedrooms,we are first floor master bedroom people, the little kids only need a small first floor bedroom to share for now, so I guesss it will be on the side, but still get on the porch from the front, poor planning, but trying to make it work, with the wraparound I plan to have lots of doors, do plan on going back and adding 4 dormers, and hopefully a lookout tower/room on the roofs ridgeline, the inside is still a big empty square with a loft, I'm not to proud to ask for directions, anyones imput is welcome, Thank you, G. Beck in MO.

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Comment by Rick Taron on December 23, 2008 at 6:20pm

Greg, I was talking about Trimberframe on a comment at my other blog post. Here is an example of it. this is just 3/4" cedar boards with chinking between.
Comment by Joe on December 23, 2008 at 5:26pm
You haven't said if this will be a permanent home or a vacation retreat which could influence what you want to do. Keep in mind that you also want to build for resale value. It's hard to get everything in and keep the square footage down. My wife wants the laundry room, nice kitchen and a walk in closet. I have studied plan after plan and have drawn eveything out using graph paper so that I can show the beds, couches, table etc. This is work but will solve a lot of problems when you discover that king size bed doesn't fit etc. I personally have gone on a lot of websites and studied plans looking for the good and the bad. In your case I would not try to put 2 bedrooms on one floor but instead use the loft but all of this is determined by time and money. As you look at drawings many will say 1600 sq ft but they are counting the loft which is essentially where yours will end up. Look at some of these drawings on this site keeping in mind not to get distracted by the total sq ft. I would not do a shared bathroom as this will hurt resale value. These drawings work in two bathrooms on their 1200 sq ft models.

You can get graph paper, office supply, using 1/4 inch per foot and buy a clear overlay, sepia?, that you draw on and can erase easily. Its easy to get the scale right this way for inner walls being 6 inches, not a pencil width. You might be able to get scale furniture and cabinets too otherwise do what I do and measure and draw. I use 1 ft tile on my current house floor to see how it actually will work especially in the kitchen area. It can save a lot of headaches later on to do the detail now.

There are some really cheap software programs out there too to do layouts, windows and electrical.


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