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Bright Light: How to Make Your Log Home Feel More Open

A light, bright home can feel open, airy and welcoming. As seemingly simple as it may seem to create a light and inviting space, the reality is that many homeowners struggle in this area. Dark, dreary rooms are unfortunately common, but they can be properly addressed with the right strategies.

Use Light Paint Colors

If your walls are darker or bold colors, repainting them a lighter shade can produce incredible results. Darker hues absorb light, and they make an already small and closed-off room seem even more cramped. Light paint colors, on the other hand, reflect light. This reflection magnifies the benefit of natural and artificial light in the space. It may also give the illusion of more space in the room. Likewise, light-colored furnishings and cabinets can be beneficial in this same way.

Avoid Heavy Drapes

Regardless of how large or small the windows in your rooms are, avoid blocking natural sunlight from entering. When privacy is not a concern, leave the blinds open fully so that sunlight can stream in. Remove thick, heavy drapes, and replace them with light, thin sheers that allow even more sunlight to enter the space. Remember that hanging mirrors on the wall can reflect natural sunlight, and this magnifies its impact in a room.

Eliminate Shadows

Even when you take substantial steps to take full advantage of natural and artificial light through the use of mirrors, light paint colors and lighter window coverings, you may still have areas of the room that are shadowy. For example, a big bookcase may block light from entering a corner of the room. Observe the location of shadows in your room, and use lamps or other features to draw light to these areas. If foliage outside is blocking sunlight from entering, trim your bushes and trees.

Install Larger Windows

In some cases, the best solution is to install new windows. New windows from a place like Valley Glass Utility may be in better condition and may allow more light to filter in. These may be larger windows or better-placed windows. Even something as simple as replacing a single small window with a large window can have a dramatic, beneficial effect on the room.

If you are unhappy with the ambiance in your home, lighting may be to blame. Lighting can affect ambiance substantially. As you can see, there are many rather easy ways to take full advantage of existing lighting. However, there are also instances when more light needs to be drawn in, such as with the installation of more or larger windows.

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