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Building a Cabin? 4 Things to Remember During the Process

If you’ve decided to undertake the task of building your very own log cabin, it can be a very exciting time. You probably want to jump in a soon as possible to get the construction underway. As you start to build, here are four things that you must keep in mind throughout the process.

Insulating Is Key

Log cabins are harder to insulate than homes made with other common building materials. You need to consider how you’re going to effectively insulate your log cabin for both the hot summer months and the cold winter months. Having high-quality chinking material is a necessity and investing time in double and triple checking for gaps is a must.

Wiring Is More Difficult

If you’re not overly familiar with wiring in the first place, you should call in an electrician to help. When it comes to a log cabin, the wiring is more difficult than your traditional stud-framed house. With other homes, you have gaps in between the studs where you can run your electrical boxes and wires. With a log cabin, you have to create chases, which are small gaps in the logs to run your wires. In addition, you’ll need to effectively cut out areas for the boxes to lay within your home. Since there is no drywall like a stud-frame home, you can’t just hide the box behind the wall.

Realize Your Cabin Will Shrink and Settle

We’ve all been informed that homes shrink and settle as they age. Log cabin homes are the worst when it comes to the amount of shrinkage and settling that goes on. This is because logs will naturally continue to lose moisture after they’ve been cut down. Even if you use kiln dried logs, you still will have natural shrinkage issues. You’ll want to use the right chinking material and construction methods to ensure that you leave room for this shrinking and settling to happen. If you don’t, it can result in cracks in the logs.

Be Strategic with Window Placement

While having a ton of windows can be a dream to let in a ton of sunlight, it may not be your best option. The more windows that you install in your log cabin home, the colder it will get in the wintertime. In addition, windows require special construction when it comes to log cabins.

Building your own log cabin can be a dream come true. To ensure your overall success, you should be taking all the above four factors into consideration during the building process. This way, you don’t run into any problems later on down the road that you could have avoided.

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