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Building Out Your Profile: How to List and Sell Log Cabins

A log cabin is a private, scenic alternative to a traditional home. Buying one is ideal for weekend getaways and long summer vacations. Follow these tips on proven ways to sell and list your log cabins.

Decide Between Local, National or International Audiences

Decide how expansive your search for buyers will be. Some cabin owners stop just outside of the city’s geographic region. They may advertise to residents in adjacent towns and cities. Other sellers spend more money to advertise to global buyers. This international approach works for some sellers but not all of them. Most people who live in remote log cabins are local residents who’re already familiar with the area. However, many foreigners want an isolated place to get away from the hassles of the big city.

Hire Marketing Services

There are companies that handle all of your business’s marketing campaigns. They are skilled in contacting the leads and customers that your company needs to target. They develop a strategy that includes your goals and ideas for success. An experienced real estate agent marketing service, such as may already have access to a large and growing collection of inbound and outbound leads. They help you to set up a website, if necessary, and write the sales copy that attracts customers. Every essential step of the marketing process is handled by a professional with years of marketing experience.

Target Previous Customers

Keep the contact information of all the people who’ve ever rented or visited your log cabins. Offer them discounts to generate their interest in making return trips and hope that they’ll make the stay permanent. Promote an online newsletter or create brochures that discuss geographic features, local attractions, social events and other interesting facts about the area.

Include Promotional Pictures and Videos

In real estate, shoppers love to see visuals of the cabins that interest them. Take at least one wide-spanning picture of each room along with close-up shots of interesting features. Include several photos of the front and back yard along with nearby wilderness sights, such as forests, lakes, rivers, etc. A log cabin is located in a scenic setting that requires its seller to be visually minded when creating an ad.

Selling a log cabin is not as simple as selling a traditional family home. Not every buyer is looking to buy this type of residence, even if it’s affordable and located in a beautiful setting. You can do the marketing work yourself or hire a company to provide the full services. Consider all of your options before beginning your campaign.

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