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Cabin Fever: 5 Things Every Cabin Needs

When you want to buy a cabin to live in full-time or during your vacations, make sure to understand the things that you need to make it an enjoyable experience. In order to use a cabin right away, it is important to buy one that has several items included. 

Does the Cabin Include Your Own Land?

If you want to have a garden or other items outside a cabin, then you will want to own your own land. Make sure that a cabin includes a lot that you own rather than a rented lot. When a cabin’s land is owned by someone else, you can’t use the property to plant flowers or vegetables without the approval of the lot owner.

Can You Access the Cabin With a Vehicle?

Verify that the cabin is accessible with a vehicle during all seasons so that you can enjoy it at any time. If you buy a cabin that is deep inside a wooded area, then you will have to leave a vehicle far from the building, and you will need to carry food or other items to the cabin. It is important to have a paved street that leads to your cabin rather than a dirt road. 

An Exterior and Roof That Is In Good Condition

Don’t buy a cabin that has a bad roof or exterior because it is difficult and expensive to repair a building that is located in a remote area. Bring along an extension ladder to inspect the cabin’s rooftop, chimney and rain gutters. In addition, walk around the exterior of the building to check the logs or other siding materials. 

Has the Cabin Had a Pest Inspection?

Before buying a cabin in the woods or other remote area, have it inspected for pests. While living in the wilderness may lead to seeing more wildlife or insects, you don’t want to buy a cabin that is infested with termites that will consume the wood or a rare species of bat that can transmit rabies. 

Does the Cabin Have Plumbing and Utility Lines?

You probably don’t want to live in a cabin that doesn’t have running water or electricity, but if you buy a cabin that doesn’t have these utilities, then it can cost thousands of dollars to add water lines and electrical wires. Walk through the cabin to confirm that there is a working faucet, toilet and electric lights. If not, you may want to contact a contractor like A & E Heating and AC Inc to get it set up as quickly as possible.

Buying a cabin in the woods is similar to purchasing a home in a city. You must make sure to have a written contract that describes everything that you are buying. This contract should include a map that shows where your cabin is located and how much land it includes.

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