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Cabin Repairs: 4 Common Maintenance Areas You Should Attend To

If you own a cabin for vacation or investment purposes, these properties are normally located in rural areas with nature all around them. You visit the cabin to get away from it all, but that doesn't mean that maintenance should be an afterthought. This property needs as much care as your primary residence. Take a look at these common, maintenance areas that must be prioritized. Fixing them up will only improve your cabin's appearance and longevity.

Check the Building Envelope

The building envelope includes the walls, foundation and roof. As you arrive at your cabin, take a good look at every exterior feature. The walls should have strong siding with no cracks or missing pieces. Your foundation may be difficult to see, but try to access it by walking around the cabin's perimeter. Cracks and fissures may be visible from this angle. A ground view of the roof should reveal no missing shingles or uneven surfaces.

Install Weather-Stripping

Energy efficiency is always a concern with cabins because of the extreme temperatures outside. A common, maintenance area that's often overlooked is the door and window frames. Add weather-stripping to these locations so that the property holds conditioned air during those hot or cold periods. If the cabin already has weather-stripping, inspect it for its stability. Rubber may wear down over time, which leads to drafts and higher energy bills.

Swap out Shower Components

The shower can rapidly wear down as the family uses the facilities several times a day. Some companies, like Glasshopper Schor Glass, know that that you can transform the interior with a new glass door. These products are relatively easy to install, and the bathroom will look entirely different afterward. During the installation, replace any caulk surrounding the shower and tub too. You'll improve the bathroom's appearance with only a small investment.

Clean out Gutters

Debris-clogged gutters will create problems for any cabin. These conduits include the gutters along the rooftop as well as the drains surrounding the property. Take some time out of your schedule to pull out the broom and remove the debris. Consider a garden hose for the rooftop gutters, however. The water moves debris down to the ground without any damage to the metal channels. Reserve the broom for the ground gutters that often fill up after autumn and subsequent rains.

Consider a management company for your cabin if you're unable to care for it on a regular basis. These businesses maintain properties for a specific fee. By caring for your cabin year-round, you'll see a strong return on its value over time.

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