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Cabin Water Heater Repair: Do it Once by Doing it Right

Do you want to find a permanent solution to your stubborn water heater? Your water heater might not be producing hot water because of a limited power supply, or it might have some broken heating elements. Sometimes, you can try repairing the water heater solely, and if this fails, you can contact your local repair technician, who will decide whether to repair or replace the water heater. To mend your cabin water heart, you should follow these steps;

Clean the Heating Element

To begin cleaning, ensure that there is no free-flowing power supply. You can turn the power off by flipping the two circuits on the electrical power box. Next, turn off the water flowing through your water heater by turning the valve situated on a pipe next to the unit. It would help if you drained the water by opening the drain valve at the tank’s bottom using a screwdriver. Next, you need to disconnect the wires that are next to the heating element and label them. Next, you should disconnect the heating element from your water heater and then scrub the heating element using a brush. Finally, reattach the element on the power supply to your tank.

Replace the Thermostat

You can try replacing the thermostat on your water heater by first turning off the power supply on your water supply. Next, you should reach for the access panel on the tank at the bottom of the water heater. Before removing the thermostat from the brackets, you should label the wires located next to the thermostat. You can then replace the thermostat by sliding it in the access panel before fixing the wires to the screws.

Fix a Leaking Pressure Relief Valve

It would be best if you started by turning off the water supply for your water heater before draining about 38 liters of water from the heater using a garden hose. It would be best to detach the run-off pipe and the pressure relief valve using channel lock pliers. You should then screw the new valve to your water heater and then connect both the valve and run-off pipe before allowing water to flow to your water heater.

Water Heater Repair

If the above methods do not work, you can contact professional water heater technicians that are familiar with water heater repair. These technicians can address some of the problems that include pressure issues, water heater leaking, the pilot light not lighting, the inadequate flow of hot water, and the absence of hot water pressure.

Remember, water heaters may release hot steam, which is dangerous. Therefore, you should always be careful when draining water from your water heater.

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